Who Invented the Piano?

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Bartolomeo Cristofori became famous as the inventor of the piano. He was born on May 4th, 1655 in Padua. There are hardly any sources that give reliable information about Cristofori’s family, early life, or education. This part of his life remains hidden in mystery. It

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A Piano Is Made in 6 Steps

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Clavichords and Harpsichords were the dominant keyboard instruments of the early Baroque period. Though pleasant in sound, these instruments were dynamically unable to translate the composer’s work because you could only play at one volume. This also became an issue with ensemble pieces in general

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This week Hollywood Piano is happy to introduce you to our very special guest, Massimo Salotti!     Massimo Salotti is a classical pianist and composer from Italy.   He obtained his Master in Music very young at the Istituto Musicale “L. Boccherini”, in Lucca, under

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Presidents and Their Pianos Both In And Out Of The Whitehouse

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what kind of piano does/did your favorite President own?   George Washington (1789 – 1797) owned a Longman & Broderi Harpsichord (Sr. #735) and a Schoen & Vinsen Pianoforte John Adams (1797 – 1801) owned a Currier & Company piano Thomas Jefferson (1801 – 1809)

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Why Should You Learn Piano?

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Art is medicative. For as long as we can remember, humanity has used music as a tool for the expression of our emotive sides. It also has the great power of tapping into a listener’s feelings to ease anxiety. Of course this doesn’t seem too

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The 92nd Academy Awards are here!!! Check out these piano movies!

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The 92nd Academy Academy Awards are finally here and wow, what a year for films! We can safely say that every single movie on the Best Picture list was exceptionally done and well worth a watch. These films include Once Upon a Time..In Hollywood, Jojo

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Roland’s Digitals

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There’s no doubt that the Roland Corporation has been one of the most innovative manufacturers on the globe, not just in recent years but for the past few decades. Their replication of the acoustic sound and feel is what’s truly fascinating, considering they don’t make

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Are there really pro athletes who play a musical instrument?

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Whether you were rooting for Pat Holmes, J. LO, or the Bill Murray ads, I think we can all agree that the recent Super Bowl was one for the books. The great thing about national championships is that it’s a way to bring us all

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