PIano Frequently asked Questions

What choices do I have from Hollywood Piano?
You can either buy a piano from us or you can rent on a monthly basis starting from $29 per month and up, depending upon the piano.  There is usually a minimum rental period for the lowest monthly payment. Our rental program allows you to apply up to one year rental payment towards purchase of any piano we sell although you can rent indefinitely if you wish. If you’re interested in learning to play the piano, or have a family member interested, renting can be an easy way to start. Renting allows you to discover whether you really enjoy playing and if you will stick with it before investing in buying a piano. For purchases we have monthly payment plans that allow you to set the terms of how many months you want and how much you want to put down and even zero down on a purchase (based on your credit). We accept most major charge cards, checks and cash of course.

What are the benefits of playing the piano?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For children and young adults the scientific studies have proven benefits that are indisputable which we will detail in the next question. For adults, learning to play the piano can provide an oasis of relaxation for 30 minutes or more a day. Leaning to play the piano has been proven to lower blood pressure, make people feel less stressed, increase happiness and provides a sense of accomplishment.  Regardless of if your desire is to play Back or Rock the hobby of playing the piano and creating music  is the perfect antidote for our fast and busy lives.

Benefits of Playing Piano

Is there an educational value in learning to play piano for children and young adults?                                                                                                                                           We believe if every parent really understood what playing the piano does for their child their wouldn’t be a parent on the planet that would not encourage learning piano. Studies clearly show that learning to play piano improves academic performance, especially the student’s ability to understand mathematical concepts. In China and throughout Asia nearly every young person plays an instrument with piano being the most popular. For more details, go to the

Benefits For Young People Playing Piano

Is it true that playing the piano can reduce stress?
There is a wealth of studies showing that learning to play the piano for adults is an excellent stress reducer.  There is no age limit to beginning and you don’t need a special talent, just the desire to learn and make music. We all learn to read and write. Some of become Ernest Hemingway, and the rest read and write.  We can all learn music regardless of our abilities. We dance, we whistle, we tap our pencils, music is in us all. For more details, go to

Your Inner Musician Is Just Waiting to Be Found

The Piano Heals the Spirit and Soothes the Soul

What is a good piano for someone just starting out?
The piano industry has changed rapidly over the last few years. There are now a number of very good digital pianos for under $2,000 ideal for beginning piano players. There are acoustic pianos beginning at less than $3,000 and will provide you with years of excellent service.

Should I buy a vertical or a grand piano?
The choice of a vertical or a grand piano is based upon your budget, available space, and esthetics.  Vertical pianos are the least expensive and take up the least amount of space with an average foot print of 2′ x 5′. Grand pianos begin at about 5′ in size and need additional space to put a bunch in and out. If space is an issue but you want a grand like sound a 52″ professional upright is a good choice. Some people are interested in a grand piano as a design statement.  We have many customers who don’t play piano purchasing grand pianos with a tablet player system for home entertainment. There are designers who tell us a house is not complete unless it has a piano in it.

Does it matter where the piano is made?
In the past, there has been a lot of concern about pianos manufactured in Asia. Many years ago, there was concern about pianos made in Japan by Yamaha and Kawai. After they proved themselves, there was concern about pianos made in Korea by Young Chang and Samick, who also proved their quality through 20 years of experience in the marketplace. Today, there is the same concern about pianos made in China and Indonesia. The companies we deal with who make pianos in either China or Indonesia make solidly-built products with strong warranties. They have invested many millions of dollars to build world class facilities that follow the same standards as facilities in their base countries. Furthermore, we have visited their factories and have absolutely no doubt about the quality of their products lasting a great many years.

How do I know that I’m getting good value for my money?
We do the homework for you to guarantee that our selected products are the best available in each range. Every year, we attend multiple trade shows around the globe, and we are studying the market constantly to make sure we’re carrying the best available products at each level in the market. This year, for example, we attended the annual piano trade show held in China to assure ourselves that our suppliers are remaining competitive, and to see if there are other suppliers we should be dealing with. Also every new piano we sell is sold with a one year low price guarantee. Find it for less and we will refund 133% of the difference.

How do you choose which pianos to represent?
We choose our partners based on quality, price/performance and financial strength. Our goal is to provide you with “the biggest bang for your buck” at each segment of the market from companies that have the financial strength to continue providing solid service in today’s economic climate. Every supplier that we choose has its own manufacturing facilities and is a company with strong financial backing. Imagine your choice for selecting one piano and then magnify that tens of thousands of times as we literally agonize over picking the very finest pianos available.

Should I choose an acoustic piano or a digital piano?
The traditional acoustic piano has been made for over 300 plus years. It is a stately and classic instrument that is also a fine piece of furniture. Digital pianos on the other hand have their advantages too. They never need tuning and can be played with headphones. One thing is clear, today’s digital pianos are excellent instruments that can simulate the feel and sound of an acoustic piano well enough that we’ve provided them for colleges and major universities for piano practice rooms.

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