Famous People Who Played the Piano

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When in school, many of us were trotted away to music class each day, were taught the art of a musical instrument and given the chance to be mini-virtuosos for several years.

One of history’s finest musical instruments, the piano is certainly a favorite around the world. Likewise, there is a long history of those that have gone on to great careers in other professions such as photographers, politicians, and comedians. Looking at past president or any particular actor, one mightn’t imagine that they have it in them too and are able to sit and tickle the ivories with a moving rendition of Chopin or Mozart.

Politicians Who Played The Piano

The political world is full of governors and senators, but some of these leaders had long and full lives as lawyers, psychologists, actors, and musicians before they stepped into public office. The pianists that have held the oval office make for an impressive list.

Even today, renowned politicians for example Condeleeza Rice is an excellent pianist, who at one time considered becoming a concert pianist before pursuing her degrees in economics and international relations.

The charisma of the piano, among other instruments, has ever been great for those of royalty too. Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England himself plays the piano.

Celebrities Who Played The Piano

Though it is fascinating to find that so many of our politicians have a creative run, it is not nearly so surprising to see the volume of celebrities who learned the best way to play the piano. The list is seemingly endless, current and with those of TV and Movie past, both stars big and little learned to play with the piano inside their lifetimes.

Jamie Foxx, in his Oscar winning role as Ray Charles in Ray and the piano played in his pictures, himself a pianist since his youth. Clint Eastwood is an avid pianist, and a long time devotee of Jazz music, among the inspirations of his musical preference. He directed the film Bird, a biopic of Jazz legend Charlie Parker because of his youthful curiosity about jazz piano.

Kelsey Grammar of Fraser and Cheers fame plays the piano, having really attended the Julliard School of Music. As does Dustin Hoffman himself plays the piano too.

The great minds of scientific ingenuity spent their lives always learning and trying new things and men like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein made sure to include playing the piano as part of their life goals. Both were considered amazing pianists. It’s difficult to picture these great men having the time to have learned the art of piano playing.

George Washington Carver, the master of all things associated with the peanut, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright both learned the piano at a young age. Ansel Adams, one of the most renowned photographers of the 20th century was a virtuoso. The piano and its many students is a fantastic instrument.

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