PianoFest continues though Tues., May 15

How many people say, “I wish I had learned to play,” or, “If only I had kept it up…” Playing the piano is a gift that truly offers immeasurable lifelong benefits.

Hollywood Piano CEO Glenn Treibitz tickles the ivories on a Mason & Hamlin piano. Visit the 3rd Annual PianoFest.

It is no secret that exposure to music and learning to play an instrument enhances a child’s ability to learn and improves their academic performance across the board. In today’s competitive world, you want your child to have every academic advantage. Additionally, learning to play the piano provides a skill and a pleasure the child will enjoy throughout their life.

Also, access to a piano allows one to escape the stresses which assault us each day. Evenings spent playing your piano reap many more benefits than will vegging out before the TV. You not only fill your home with music, but gain from a relaxing activity.

Studies on seniors point to their enhanced retention of memory, skills and cognitive abilities for those who continue to play the piano.

Of course, the sound of a quality piano inspires one’s life in ways which are not quantifiable on a chart. When you play, you just know your life is enriched by hearing and creating great music, whether it is Beethoven, Satie, Gershwin, Cole Porter or Elton John.

Bring musical and visual beauty into your home with Mason & Hamlin and Hollywood Piano, Bring musical and visual beauty into your home with Mason & Hamlin and Hollywood Piano, Hollywood Piano

Visit Hollywood Piano for PianoFest 2018. Hollywood Piano is located at 323 S Front St. in Burbank. Photos by Steve Sherman.

Pianos by Mason & Hamlin are considered the ideal of musical achievement. Other manufacturers can only envy Mason & Hamlin’s high standards, attention to detail and sound quality. Their pianos are not only beautiful to listen to, but are visually stunning.  Let the most beautiful furniture you own “sing” to your family and friends.

When purchased during Hollywood Piano’s 90th Anniversary Celebration, which coincides with the 3rd Annual PianoFest, you can acquire America’s finest piano with substantial savings. Mason & Hamlin is rewarding its customers with rebates during this event. Hollywood Piano owner Glenn Treibitz states, “These rebates allow you to buy the best American- made piano, the Mason & Hamlin, for 40 percent less than you can get from that brand which begins with an ‘S’.”

The best piano in sound, appearance and value retention is hard to pass up at any time.

You can hear Mason & Hamlin pianos played by the best performers around at Hollywood Piano’s PianoFest 2018:

Friday, May 4, 7:30pm

The extraordinary, award-winning jazz and classical pianist Sabine Pothier will perform.

Friday, May 11, 7:30pm

Versatile and popular classical pianist, Brendan White performs.

Each free event includes a reception and refreshments and goodies, including the commemorative PianoFest 2018 tote bag.

Learn more about the PianoFest lineup at HollywoodPiano.com/pianofest. Hollywood Piano is located at 323 S Front St. in Burbank with a second location at 2084 E Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena. Call (818) 954-8500 to RSVP for upcoming events. Visit  HollywoodPiano.com and HollywoodPiano.com/pianofest.