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For decades Hollywood Piano has been the leading authorized dealer of Digital Pianos Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. For residents of California there is only one solution when it comes to finding the best in digital pianos, digital piano accessories and related services – Hollywood Piano. We have been serving digital piano lovers with high quality brands and products for many years and have won numerous accolades and accomplishments along the way. When it comes to buying a digital piano Los Angeles, fixing an old one or even trying to find a buyer for your used digital piano, there is no better place than Hollywood Piano.

Our clients make the drive because we offer what no other Digital Piano Store can – Affordable Prices, Large Selection and the Highest Rated Customer Service in the industry. Drive a little further for the quality you deserve!

While our showrooms are located in Pasadena and Burbank, we are one of the only authorized dealers that is legally able to buy and sell some of the most sought after brands in the business. We are an authorized dealer of Roland, Casio, Kurzweil, and Artesia.

Our Digital Piano Advantage

  • Free Lifetime Support – on every digital piano we sell we will support the product for the lifetime of your ownership with hands on coaching and product use information to help you get the most from your digital piano. Our support is both over the phone and in person in our store. When you purchase a digital piano from us that’s when the relationship starts for us, not ends.
  • 2 Year 100% Future Trade Up – If you’ve dreamt about owning a grand piano but just don’t have the room or budget now you can trade up. Your digital piano is like cash to us for 2 years. Apply the credit towards anything else we sell be it an upright, grand or a bigger digital. You basically enjoy a digital piano for 2 years free and pay only the difference for the price of the new one. You can’t get that kind of offer when buying online! (Must be at least double the original purchase price.)
  • Free Headphones – We know that playing the piano silently is one of the most attractive reasons to purchase a digital piano and we include a pair of headphones with every digital piano we sell.

Hollywood Piano is the Best Digital Piano Store & Dealer for over 80 Years

Since 1928 Hollywood Piano’s Digital Piano Store has been the source for all digital piano sales, piano rentals and piano services in the area.

#1 Digital Piano Store Dealer in California!

We’ve created a special program on digital pianos which separates us from other stores, big box Musical Instrument Dealers and online sellers.

Hollywood Piano welcomes you to peruse our full catalog of digital pianos. As one of the only authorized digital piano dealers Los Angeles, we take great pride in ensuring our selection is extensive and of the highest quality. The California Digital Pianos we are authorized to sell are:

See our Roland Digital Pianos InventorySee our Roland Digital Pianos Inventory

Roland Digital Pianos – Roland is familiar name in the digital piano world. Hollywood Piano loves Roland for its quality design, versatility through different skill levels, and its ability to integrate different technologies. All of the new HP/LX series digital pianos have built in Bluetooth midi. All Roland digital pianos can interact with an Ipad and the Roland piano partner.

Software integration in the model HPI-50 brings piano software to a student’s music desk without needing a computer. Play your song on the HPi-50 Roland and watch the piano create the full score of your piece. It never needs tuning, costs less than many average pianos, and provides the beautiful aesthetics and response of more expensive pianos. Roland‘s advanced technology allows you to use you existing CD collection as software for the piano when converted into WAV files and playing them via USB flash drive in your Roland piano. You can even remove the soloist from your CD in the Roland, adjust the pitch and tempo of the CD and play along with the soloist.

The sound and feel of the Roland digital piano experience is second to none. There are many decent digital pianos on the market today, but nothing like Roland‘s combination of touch, sound and style. For the pianist, the Roland is the ONLY piano that captures every nuance of an acoustic piano removing the annoying traits of samples such as looped notes and artificial harmonics.

The Roland LX17 is the very best digital upright on the market today. It will run circles around the Yamaha AvantGrand and Yamaha NU1 Hybrrid and there is no even a contest The warranty on Roland digital pianos is 10 years parts and labor offering the same type of warranty found most often on acoustic pianos. Roland digital pianos come in a large variety of finishes and styles to suit any decor.

See Our Casio Digital Piano Inventorydigital pianos, Digital Pianos, Hollywood Piano

Casio Digital Pianos – Casio is one of the most recognized and successful digital keyboard and piano brands in the industry. Casio continues to make a name for themselves with quality products that stand the test of time, including their Casio Keyboard. While Casio had its hand in other electronic devices such as personal calculators, ink jet printers and wrist watches, they finally unveiled the first version of their famed electronic instruments in 1980. If you grew up in the 80’s or were a parent of a child in the 80’s, you probably are familiar with the highly popular and trendy Casio portable keyboard. The original Casio Keyboard was meant to sell to the masses in department stores, but Casio later dove into the professional market. in 1984 with the CZ101 which immediately became a giant success among professional musicians. Today Casio makes a full range of pianos from entry level Keyboards to high end Hybrid pianos, all offering extreme value and/or lower pricing than the competition.

The Casio keyboard and entry level digital pianos are some of the best values in the market they offer unparalleled quality and sound at their respective price points. Compared to Yamaha, their biggest competitor in the affordable keyboard market, each Casio model at comparable price points outpaces Yamaha with added cool features and piano samples gathered from Steinway and Bechstein.

Shop Kurzweil Digital Pianos InventoryShop Kurzweil Digital Pianos Inventory

Kurzweil Digital Pianos – While the name Kurzweil might not raise as many eyebrows from the digital piano novices, don’t let it deter you from discovering the excellence of this brand. From the moment you sit down in front of a Kurzweil Digital Piano, you’ll be impressed. Impressed not only by the look of the instrument and its authentic feel of the full 88-note weighted keyboard, but most of all, you’ll be impressed by the sheer quality of the instrument. From its critically-acclaimed sample sounds upon which Kurzweil’s entire heritage and reputation have been based to the clear, powerful, custom-designed sound system that is a unique and integral part of every Kurzweil Digital Piano.

Kurzweil, who is a talented musician, developed his synthesizer after a meeting with Stevie Wonder, who complained how synthesizers at that time did not reproduce the sound of musical instruments very well. Kurzweil digital pianos evolved from his work on music synthesizers, particularly his groundbreaking work in ARS (Asymmetrically Responsive Sampling), SSS (Signature Series Styles), and AII (Acoustic Instrument Imaging).

Search Artesia Digital Pianos InventorySearch Artesia Digital Pianos Inventory

Artesia Digital Pianos – Artesia offers a complete line of digital pianos for today’s lifestyle. Choose the digital piano that’s just right for you. From powerful performance features to beautifully designed cabinets, an Artesia Digital Piano will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

The Stage or Studio piano offers and smaller footprint and a more modern style. While the upright digitals provide both traditional and contemporary styling that will fit in any home decor. Grand Piano cabinetry is both beautiful and timeless and a true center piece to any home environment. Artesia digital pianos are manufactured to our exacting standards to bring your family musical performance that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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Not only are we the preferred Orange County Piano Store for professionals and novices alike, but we also are the #1 piano store choice for all of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, Canyon Country, Palmdale and Lancaster.



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