PEP Piano Teachers Program


PEP Program

At Hollywood Piano we are a strong advocate for music education and for music educators. Its more important than ever that piano dealers take up the mantle of promoting music while schools continue to cut programs.

For this reason we’ve created our Piano Education Partners (PEP) program to bridge the gap between Hollywood Piano and piano teachers, music schools, and local performing arts organizations. With this program we can support teachers, music programs and community music initiatives.

Benefits of PEP for Piano Teachers and Music Educators:

Benefits To Your Piano Students For PEP

  • Discounts on print music, and accessories from
  • When you hold a recital your students are entitled to a special “Recital Discount”
  • Special Year Round Purchase Discounts
  • FREE Hollywood Piano Education Newsletter with private sales for education
  • and many more

How much does it cost to join PEP?

There is no cost to join. We’ve created PEP to enhance the bond between Hollywood Piano and the music community. We look at this program as a golden opportunity to get to know each other.  As an opportunity to get to know your students and enhance their musical lives as they enrich their lives with music education.  We want to forge partnerships with teachers who are as passionate about music and music education as we are and want to support each other by spreading our combined love of music.

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