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Today more than ever it’s important to create partnerships between institutions of learning and civic minded music companies. Hollywood Piano has been serving the needs of the Los Angeles Music education community since it’s founding in 1928.  We’ve assembled the very best pianos at each level.  All of our pianos provide gigantic values compared to some of the more well known names at a substantially lower price. One example being Mason & Hamlin compared to Steinway & Sons.  Mason & Hamlin for 35% less money offer a hand built American piano with an internal action that can go 125 years without needing to be replaced.  How is that for value?  Hollywood Piano is also the authorized Baldwin piano agent for Los Angeles and Orange county.  There are more Baldwin Hamilton pianos in schools across the country than any other piano ever made. 

With these two acoustic piano brands as well as Roland Digital pianos, Hollywood Piano has the broadest range of products for California schools as well as the expertise to train a school staff on how to get the most out of your pianos and enhance the student experience  in Los Angeles metropolitan area..

We will help you choose the right pianos and equipment for your individual needs regardless of if it is one piano or a plan to upgrade your fleet.  We will orchestrate a plan for you to replace your existing pianos and advise you on how to create a fund for annual maintenance of your valuable asset. 

Hollywood Piano is here to be your partner to foster a positive climate for music education a in Los Angeles and beyond. Because of our affiliations with Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin and Roland we can offer guest speakers, celebrated pianists, authors and industry professionals to appear on behalf of your institution. Hosting these kinds of events strengthens the commitment to the local music education community. Events can raise the visibility of a school or program helping a school attract attention, notoriety and donations. These programs also show supporters and alumni how their contributions provide positive benefits. We are the official piano provider to the Pasadena Symphony, Pasadena Pops, and California Philharmonic to name just a few.  There are always potential opportunities for co-sponsorship of events or arranging workshops and mentoring.

University/School Partnership Programs & Music Education with Hollywood Piano

Piano Fleet Appraisal and Analysis – Our experts will for free evaluate your existing inventory and give you a detailed analysis of the condition, work to be done, etc

The Baldwin Institutional Lease Plan – This innovative and flexible program enables your university, conservatory, school to lease the equipment you need with a $1 payout at the end.  We identify the instruments to be replaced and can either lease them all at once or on a sliding schedule in a master plan we jointly create.

Hollywood Piano Fund Raising Program – our institutional staff will sit down with your fundraisers and or alumni and discuss proven fund raising programs we have used successfully in the past including our “buy a key” program.

The Living Endowment Fund – We will show you how to get potential donors to donate now and they can enjoy the benefits of knowing how much their gifts are helping

The Handbook For Institutional Piano Technicians – This informative information guides your technicians in the challenges of keeping up with a fleet that is often played 7 days a week sixteen hours a day

Digital Piano Labs – Regardless of if you need a basic lab or an advanced multi station lab Hollywood Piano has the expertise to install and maintain your investment.  Roland now offers a 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on some models ensuring a nearly zero maintenance for the first decade of installation.  Hollywood Piano is LA’s most knowledgable and experienced digital piano lab installer in California. We will create a piano lab for your unique situation and your educational goals. 

Hollywood Piano is serious about supporting music education throughout the area and is committed to helping you achieve your goals for your fundraising programs for your institutions, and getting the right instruments in place.  We’re here for you! 

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