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The first after after NAMM Show Piano Sale happening in two in a half years!
We purchased many pianos direct from the floor of the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, at a drastically reduced price.

This is the “Clear Winter” by Ritmuller it was in our Burbank store and was just sold. We’ve asked the factory to make another for us.  If you are interested let us know and it can be yours.






















Hollywood Piano is proud to represent 0ver a dozen brands including the world’s finest pianos.

The Steingraeber piano is considered by many to be the very finest made today regardless of price.  The 7th generation of the family is still hands on making only 60 uprights and 60 grands per year.

The Grotrian piano, known world wide as Grotrian-Steinweg is a stunning example of German craftsmanship.  This brand was the subject of a New York times best seller called “Grand Obsession”, One woman’s quest for the perfect piano.  Also check the incredibly hot selling Whil. Grotrian at a more affordable price with the unmistakable Grotrian sound. Grotrian-Steinweg was founded by Henry Steinway later of Steinway & Sons but as a company has long since gone it’s own separate direction in tonal philosophy.

The Mason & Hamlin piano, hand built outside of Boston combining old world craftsmanship with high technology WNG actions. This has been the #1 choice for pianists in the know. Most consider it the finest piano built in the USA.

The Petrof piano from the Czech Republic is one of Europe’s premier pianos. Hand crafted by old world masters, each an individual work of art. The warm romantic singing tone is prized by pianists world wide. Still run and owned by the 6th generation of the Petrof family.

The Baldwin Piano, hand built uprights and grands, America’s favorite piano for 164 years. This is the brand of the immortals including Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copeland, Dave Brubeck, Jorge Bolet and Liberace to name just a few.

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