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Posted on: Saturday, January 28th, 2017  In: Blog

ritmuller 2017Hollywood Piano is proud to be named a top piano dealer for Ritmuller pianos.  Ritmuller is the premium line of pianos made by Pearl River, the world’s largest piano maker.  Glenn Treibitz was very proud to accept the award from Ron Carter of Ritmuller.  Glenn said “the Ritmuller pianos represent some of the finest values in the market today.  When you compare the price value quotient of Ritmuller pianos they are hard to beat. ”

This explains the incredible popularity of the Ritmuller pianos. These pianos have the extreme musicality of pianos costing 3 or 4 times the price yet cost no more and often less than similar pianos from Yamaha piano and Kawai piano of Japan.

The Pearl River company makes three levels of pianos.  At the entry level is their Pear River pianos.  In the middle position are the Essex pianos made for the Steinway & Sons piano company.  It was the contract with Steinway & Sons that caused Pearl River to embark on a project to make the best piano the company can build for themselves.  They enlisted the top European designers and technicians to build the best piano they could build with no restriction on materials used.  The results are the universally praised Ritmuller pianos.

These piano are made under the watchful eye of Stephen Mohler, master piano technician who is in the fatory every day overseeing the production and keeping the quality consistent.


When you try these wonderfully musical instruments and compare their  musicality to the competition you’ll understand why Hollywood Piano sells so many of them.

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