Hollywood Piano’s 3rd Annual PianoFest Final Events

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Reprinted from the Tolucan Times

Anyone know of a truly safe investment? With the economy so in flux these days, that’s a natural question. Mason & Hamlin has manufactured premium pianos for over 150 years. And they are a great investment.

Hollywood Piano’s 3rd Annual PianoFest Final Events, Hollywood Piano’s 3rd Annual PianoFest Final Events, Hollywood Piano

Mason & Hamlin manufactures fewer than 350 pianos annually. Learn more at PianoFest 2018 at Hollywood Piano. photos by Steve Sherman.

Principal Financial Advisor Joseph Alotta of Open Door Investment Advisors Inc. notes, “As an investment, Mason & Hamlin pianos make excellent collectibles… They appreciate about 4.5 percent a year, and you can also play them.”

The Mason & Hamlin website states, “Mason & Hamlin pianos have appreciated in value further than other investment-grade commodities such as gold, silver or wine.”

Toward achieving the highest quality, Mason & Hamlin manufactures fewer than 350 pianos annually. Thus, each piano is truly a one-of-a-kind original, a limited edition, and will undoubtedly increase in value for decades to come.

This quality of performance is assured by Mason & Hamlin’s patented Crown Retention System. It ensures your piano’s soundboard retains its original contour and sound production qualities. A 75-year-old Mason & Hamlin often sounds better than other brands because of this system.

By purchasing a Mason & Hamlin piano during Hollywood Piano’s 3rd Annual PianoFest, you can acquire the best, made-in-America piano with substantial savings. Mason & Hamlin authorized substantial rebates for PianoFest. Hollywood Piano owner Glenn Treibitz said, “These rebates allow you to buy the Mason & Hamlin for 40 percent less than you would pay for ‘that famous brand which begins with an ‘S.’”

Over the last month we’ve explored the superior design and unique materials used in these hand built American masterpieces. Truly a multi generational purchase with a soundboard that will sing 100 years from now because of the exclusive Crown Retention System and a carbon fiber action that will go on 100 years or more without having to be rebuilt.  When you add it all up the Mason & Hamlin is a treasure that will be a family heirloom for generations to come.

Three final events will punctuate PianoFest for 2018:

Friday, May 11, 7:30pm

Brandan White will play an evening of popular classical favorites that will make the audience understand the beauty Mason & Hamlin is famous for.

Saturday, May 12, 7pm

The penultimate PianoFest performance is by pianist Bryan Pezzone. Well-versed in classical, contemporary and improvisational styles, Pezzone plays with composers and musicians such as Pierre Boulez and John Williams. He appears on countless film, television soundtracks and in the group Free Flight.

Tuesday, May 15, 7:30pm

The PianoFest Finale features musicians, food and special guests. Artists from the past four weeks will answer questions, play pianos and help you to select your piano if you’re thinking of getting one. Come enjoy the music and meet the musicians.

Act now to secure the Mason & Hamlin rebates at PianoFest 2018. This is the last chance to make offers on the piano of your dreams. Each free event includes a reception, refreshments and goodies, including the commemorative PianoFest 2018 tote bag.

Learn more about the PianoFest lineup at HollywoodPiano.com/pianofest. Hollywood Piano is located at 323 S Front St. in Burbank with a second location at 2084 E Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena. Call (818) 954-8500 to RSVP for upcoming events. Visit HollywoodPiano.com and HollywoodPiano.com/pianofest.

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