Hollywood Piano’s PianoFest 2018 Is Here!

Posted on: Thursday, April 12th, 2018  In: Blog

4 Weeks of concert, receptions, special events and pricing celebrating Mason & Hamlin through May 15th

By John K. Adams ( reprinted from the Tolucan Times)

For the next month in Burbank you will have the opportunity to experience through a series of free music events one of the last 2 pianos still hand made in the USA, the exquisite Mason & Hamlin.

The Mason & Hamlin PianoFest 2018 will feature world class pianists every week through May 14th in recital on the Mason & Hamlin piano. Each event will be followed by a reception with the artists refreshments and commemorative bags for all. The Mason & Hamlin piano sound inspired the likes of Rachmaninoff and Ravel. Hollywood Piano is hoping the Mason & Hamlin will inspire all of those who attend these events regardless of if they are a pianist or a music lover.

When purchased during their 3rd Annual Piano Fest, you can acquire the best American-made piano with substantial savings. Mason & Hamlin has authorized factory rebates during this event of thousands of dollars. Owner Glenn Treibitz states, “These rebates allow you to buy the best American-made piano, the Mason & Hamlin, for nearly 40 percent or more less than you can get from the other piano still made in USA which begins with an ‘S’.”

Mason & Hamlin’s patented carbon-fiber action has a 100 year or more life expectancy and is currently being retro-fitted into University practice pianos throughout the country because of their durability. As Treibitz said, “Even under ideal conditions, wood actions wear out. Or they dry out and crack. The patented Mason & Hamlin carbon-fiber action simply does not wear out, even under constant use.” This is a giant advantage over any other piano in durability , cost of ownership and longevity.

Mason & Hamlin pianos also come equipped with features other piano don’t have like tunable duplex scale for superior harmonic tuning and the crown retention technology that that keep 100 year old Mason & Hamlin soundboards singing. These pianos are “multi-generational investments” passed down for generations while because of their unique design elements keeping them performing flawlessly while other pianos need rebuilding allowiung children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren to share for years to come.

As for Hollywood Piano’s 3rd Annual Piano Fest, Triebitz invites everyone to “Eat, drink and enjoy the Fest’s many0 musical events, admission is free although they must RSVP.”

This year’s four-week Piano Fest starts Friday, April 13 at 7pm in Burbank, with an homage to acclaimed piano teacher, pianist Mario Fenninger. A memorable evening is promised with music and warm reminiscences from professional pianists and Mr. Fenninger’s former students.

Then, Saturday, April 14 at 4pm, also in Burbank, piano technician David Anderson will demonstrate “What Makes American Pianos So Good.” David charges over $300 per hour for consulting on this subject but this session is free to the public. David is regarded by his peers as one of the top piano technician in the country.”

Find out more about Piano Fest 2018 and the remainder of the schedule at HollywoodPiano.com/pianofest or call (818) 954-8500. Hollywood Piano is located at 323 S Front St. in Burbank and also a location at 2084 E Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena.

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