“La La Land” Pianos Provided By Hollywood Piano

Posted on: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017  In: Blog

Hollywood Piano has a long tradition of being there in the center of big movies that use pianos.  From Casablanca, to the big Busby Berkley Musicals, to Singing In the Rain, to Funny Lady, to Ray, to Dreamgirls and those are only a few of the thousands.

This year is no different with Hollywood Piano providing the many pianos for the film, “La La Land”. The movie “La La Land” needed a great many pianos for in front of and behind the scenes.  Nearly every day during shooting we had pianos coming and going to places all over Los Angeles. It was a hectic schedule for our Hollywood Piano rental department run by Dan Manuel and for our delivery team. Sometimes multiple pianos would need to be delivered on the same day.  Some days the choice of a piano was changed mid day and a new piano would have to be hustled out to the shoot.  Justin Hurwitz the film’s composer was recently interviewed by Variety in the Hollywood Piano Storage Warehouse Annex.  In the interview he explained finding all of the pianos for the film in our storage warehouse and how he personally selected each one. He said our warehouse is one of his favorite places in Los Angles and he feels like a kid in a candy store when he visits.

CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH JUSTIN!  http://soundworkscollection.com/videos/the-music-of-la-la-land-with-composer-justin-hurwitz

Justin Hurwitz La La Land composer with Glenn Treibitz <a href=

Hollywood Piano owner. ” width=”5312″ height=”2988″ /> Justin Hurwitz La La Land composer with Glenn Treibitz Hollywood Piano owner.

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