Residential Piano Rentals


Residential Rentals

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Why rent a piano?

Here in Los Angeles we find people rent pianos for 3 main reasons. Some are professionals in the entertainment business who choose to rent so they can write the monthly expense off. Some rent because they are not sure about the permanency of their living arrangements and others want to try it out either for themselves as a beginner or for a family member or child to see what kind of interest is there.

Renting a piano is an easy and stress free way to bring music into your home. No matter what your reason we have the right piano for you. Choose from pianos in many brands, sizes and colors! We offer a minimum residential rental of 60 days. Our commercial rental division can take care of rentals for shorter periods.

  • Rentals as low as $29 per month
  • Exchange your rental for another at any time (just pay the re-delivery fee)
  • Rent a piano for as long as you want with no pressure to buy
  • The best piano models offered in each price range
  • Large selection of styles and colors guaranteed to fit your needs (over 700 pianos)
  • 100% rental credit for rental paid in up to one year
  • Virtually unlimited choices.

Do you really want to purchase a new piano for your home, but would prefer monthly payments? We have 2 options for you.

We can arrange a low monthly payment with our Pay As You Play™ fixed momths plan or convenient revolving plans giving you the lowest monthly payment amount.

Are you interested renting to own?
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