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The Hollywood Piano Showroom has been the #1 Los Angeles Grand Piano Dealer for decades and continues to deliver quality pianos to clients throughout the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena and Southern California. For residents of Los Angeles there is one solution when it comes to finding the best in grand pianos, tuning, grand piano accessories and related services. Hollywood Piano has been serving piano lovers with quality Los Angeles grand piano models for many years and has won numerous accolades and accomplishments along the way. When it comes to buying a new grand piano in LA, fixing an old one or even trying to find a buyer for your old grand piano, there is no better place than Hollywood Piano.

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Maybe no single musical instrument in the world carries the prestige and the elegance of a grand piano. The finest musicians in the world use grand pianos to record on and to play in concert. The finishing touch on the world’s finest homes and palaces is always a grand piano. The harp-like shape of a grand piano is both beautiful and powerful and so is the deep, rich sound that emanates from them. While some piano fans may choose an upright piano for spaces considerations, the overwhelming majority of piano fans know you simply can’t do any better than a grand piano.

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The reason why grand pianos have the signature shape is thanks to the horizontal stringing of the strings of the harp. In an upright piano, the strings are held vertically, but in a grand piano, the lines run horizontally.

There are several different types of grand pianos available. A Petite grand piano has a length between 4.5 Feet and 4’10” , a baby grand is from 4’11” to 5’5″, a mid sized grand, also known as a parlor grand, measures from 5’6″ to 5’10”, a mid size grand from 5’11” to 6’4, a semi concert grand from 6’5″ to 7’6″ and a concert grand which has a measurement of around 9′.

The larger grand pianos, also known as a concert grand, are considered to be the best sounding pianos in the world, mostly because they have the longest strings and the longer the strings, the more volume and projection of the sound. It is tough to say which sound is “better” than the other, it is safer to state that each sound is unique and each has their place in the world of music.

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The idea of owning a grand piano is a dream many of us have, although for some, the biggest obstacle is simply finding enough room for one. If you are looking to purchase a grand piano, or even rent one, check out www.hollywoodpiano.com.

The grand piano is one of the most celebrated and beloved instruments in all of music. These instruments provide a lifetime of enjoyment and pride to their owners and are often treasure family heirlooms that are never sold.

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