Mason & Hamlin Pianofest 2017

Posted on: Wednesday, September 27th, 2017  In: Blog

Burbank-based Hollywood Piano offers outstanding Mason & Hamlin pianos with discounts and rebates during ‘PianoFest’

By Clint Lohr

From September 19th to November 30th, Hollywood Piano in Burbank will be holding their 2nd Annual Mason & Hamlin “PianoFest” at 323 South Front Street to celebrate this special brand.

“There will be more than a dozen free music and seminar events open to the public with refreshments and party following each one, a free commemorative PianoFest music tote, and other gifts,” says Hollywood Piano’s president and C.E.O. Glenn Treibitz. “It’s all about the music in the events with everything from classical, to jazz, to new age and gospel. The idea is to expose people of all musical interests to the amazing sound and versatility of the Mason & Hamlin piano.”

Hollywood Piano’s website details the history of this piano brand which began in 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts when two idealists, Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin, joined forces with the goal to make the world’s finest musical instruments. Mason was a pianist, and Emmons was a brilliant mechanic and inventor. Their pianos were built very slowly and meticulously, with only the best materials, as they are today. The quality of this piano has historically been lauded by noted virtuosos like Russian-born Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) who performed his first American concert tours on Mason & Hamlin pianos.

Today, Mason & Hamlin’s headquarters are in Haverhill, Massachusetts outside of Boston, and the pianos are still in demand and made with the same care and excellent materials as they were in the beginning. These pianos are built to last, and Hollywood Piano boasts of being the number one dealer for them in the U.S. for 2015. Frames of Hard rock maple, actions of 100 percent carbon fiber parts (as opposed to plain wood which will expand, shrink and eventually disintegrate) estimated to last over 100 years without needing to be replaced, patented Tension Resonator Crown Retention System will keep the piano singing longer than other pianos, and a full perimeter plate that has been sand cast like a church bell are among the superior building materials that make Mason & Hamlin pianos good investments.

During the six week PianoFest, all Mason & Hamlin pianos will be sold with factory-authorized discounts and thousands in rebates. The store’s inventory includes every model in the Mason line up including the CC concert grand in the recital hall.

The public is invited to the kick off Mason & Hamlin PianoFest free event this Saturday, Sept. 23rd at 3pm with a tribute to legendary pianist Mario Feninger featuring performances by a number of his notable pianist/friends followed by a wine and cheese reception. Everyone will receive the commemorative PianoFest music tote bag.

For further information about the PianoFest performance schedule, please visit or call 800-697-4266.

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