Mason Hamlin VS. Steinway

Posted on: Wednesday, July 27th, 2016  In: Blog

There are three remaining American piano companies which date back to the 1800s, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway & Sons and Baldwin.  Of the three Mason & Hamlin and Steinway are still hand built in the USA.  Hollywood Piano is proud to carry all three with brand new Mason & Hamlin and Baldwin and re-newed Steinway & Sons.  If you are considering a Steinway & Sons piano before you pull the trigger on a new or pre-owned, you owe it to yourself to experience the new Mason & Hamlin pianos.

Mason & Hamlin is the most expensive piano for the manufacturer to manufacture in the USA.  Compared to a Steinway it is heaver when comparing size for size.  What does this mean?  It has more wood in the rim creating thicker more sound projecting rims often 30% deeper.  This top quality hard rock maple costs both companies the same amount except in the Mason there is 30% more of it.  The cast iron plate in the Mason is a full perimeter plate covering all edges of the piano where it comes in contact with the rim.  This plate weighs 25% more than the comparable Steinway plate.  Cast iron costs both companies the same amount only Mason has to buy more iron.  If you examine every detail of both pianos you will notice many finer touches on the Mason, better materials and designs.  Scrutinize the details of both and you will see the real differences in casters, hardware finishing where you can see it and where you can’t see it.  All of these points add up to the highest quality piano that can be built.

The real test of a piano is not based on these details of better quality alone, it is based on touch and tone.  Mason & Hamlin has embraced technological advances that make it the longest lasting most trouble free piano on the market.  Over time most piano soundboards loose their crown. But not the Mason & Hamlin with it’s exclusive “Crown Retention System”.  Often times a hundred year old Mason still sings because of this exclusive feature invented 100 years ago.  Mason & Hamlin pianos have long sustaining singing tone with notes that seem to hang in the air forever.

The Wessel, Nickel and Gross acton used in the Mason & Hamlin is one of the finest technological advances in piano technology this century providing smooth responsive touch for even the most discriminating pianist.  This superior feeling action is not only a delight to play it will continue to do so trouble free for estimates of 80 to 100 years!  As good a Steinway & Sons is it can not make this trouble free claim.  This is why dozens of the country’s top universities have chosen to upgrade their existing stock of Steinway pianos with Mason & Hamlin’s Wessel, Nickel and Gross action.  When you combine that with pianos that cost 30% to 40% less than the comparable new Steinway and often similarly priced as a used Steinway, the Mason & Hamlin is a piano you must consider.  Higher quality, higher value superior designs, innovative materials, longer longevity add up to piano that demands to be on anyone’s short list who is considering a fine hand built piano.

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