Used Pianos

Used Pianos

Purchasing a pre-owned piano today can be fraught with potential problems if you purchase it from a private party on a classified web site. There are thousands of moving parts in a piano and many delicate components. Often times like buying a used car you’re getting something that might cost you dearly down the line.

At Hollywood Piano, we stand behind every pre-owned piano that we sell with a warranty, a 100% trade up anytime in the future, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. You can purchase your pre-owned piano with confidence. On our completely remanufactured pianos, we include a 10 year warranty which in the case of Steinway is 5 years longer than brand new.

Researching a Used Piano

The age of all used pianos can be researched through their serial number. You can go to the manufacturer’s site or you can also go to The Blue Book of Pianos.

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