Joseph Brodmann is one of the most famous people in the piano industry’s rich history.

Brodmann was one of the early piano builders and developed a workshop in Austria in the early 1800s that made some of the finest pianos of the day.

His specific contribution is considered the development of soundboards that could withstand the increased string tension desired by the leading pianists at the time. In 1828, his workshop was taken over by his leading apprentice, Ignaz Bosendorfer, and ultimately became the piano industry giant, Bosendorfer.

Birth of Brodmann Pianos

In the 1990s, Bosendorfer looked into creating a new line of pianos that would be manufactured in China. While it decided not to introduce the piano under its corporate umbrella, rights to the piano were purchased by several employees, who gave it the name of Ignaz Bosendorfer's original teacher, Joseph Brodmann, and formed the Joseph Brodmann Piano Group.

Brodmann Another "World" Piano

Today, the Brodmann piano is widely considered to be the best piano manufactured in China. Like the Ritmuller, it is another example of the “world" pianos that are changing the industry. Brodmann pianos were originally designed by Bosendorfer engineers and are being refined by Brodmann’s engineers, who were located in Vienna, Austria.

It is manufactured in the Brodmann factory in China with parts that are sourced from North America, Europe and Asia.  Three of our favorite Brodmann pianos are the PE 162 baby grand The CE175 5'9' parlor grand and its 6'2' PR 187 grands. Brodmann also makes several highly-regarded upright models as well.

If you wish to hear another of our pianos that have exceptional price/performance, come on in to hear the Brodmann, and compare it to our Ritmuller or Baldwin. Brodmann can even be a good lower priced alternative to a pre-owned Steinway  or new Estonia, or Schimmel piano. The Brodmann pianos sound much more like a Steinway than a Boston piano does if that's the sound you prefer.