Baldwin BP1 Piano – Hollywood Piano

Baldwin BP1 Piano – Hollywood Piano


Baldwin BP1 Piano for Sale - New & Used

Baldwin Model BP1 is a world-class upright piano

Even though it’s more streamlined than other Baldwin vertical pianos, the BP1 nonetheless follows the acclaimed Baldwin Scale Design, an exact”recipe” to ascertain optimal form of sounding area, string length, positioning of bridges and strike points, all in concert to generate the optimal tone and balance all around the frequency range. The Golden Ratio of Sound. At 120cm (47″) tall, the BP1 can adapt a larger soundboard than many smaller uprights, and thus benefits from a polished & strong sound. Additionally, Baldwin utilizes lots of the identical premium tonewoods and top-flight elements which are used in it’s best professional & grand pianos, such as a spruce soundboard, strong two-ply beech and hard-maple bridge, spruce ribs and rear frame, and 19-ply laminated hard maple pinblock. What’s more, Baldwin’s Full Blow Direct Action™ results in an excellent texture and response, giving you an immersive playing experience.

Size it up!

If you’re a buyer looking for a high quality piano in the limited space permitted by many apartment or college dorms, rest assured that Baldwin applies the exact same degree of expertise in building its streamlined upright pianos as we do for our acclaimed full-sized grand pianos for the concert stage. The brand new BP1 (that replaces the BD118) benefits from all the decades of craftsmanship behind the world’s best pianos. In addition to the top-quality materials and tonewoods which come standard from Baldwin, this instrument is available at a pricepoint that will fit any household budget. The BP1 provides optimum playability, tone and durability, and reflects the guaranteed quality you’ve come to expect from any Baldwin piano. What’s more, it looks amazing in your selection of elegant High-polish Ebony or High-polish Rosewood complete.

Baldwin Pianos offer more features than similar uprights

With classic Baldwin styling, the Baldwin BP1 sets the standard for touch and tone of pianos in this price & size range.  It competes directly with the Yamaha U1 and the Kawai K300.  All three are very good.  But the American designed Baldwin has a deeper, richer tone with longer lasting decay in both the bass and treble area. The Baldwin also has an important feature you cannot find on the Japanese made pianos in this range  – a working center pedal.  For example, Yamaha offers a working center pedal only  on their most expensive uprights. Yamaha and Kawai offer only a mute on their center pedals.  Baldwin offers a working center pedal plus a mute activated by a lever!  The BP1 is available in high gloss black with either gold or silver trim. Before you buy a similar upright piano from Japan made by Yamaha, Kawai or Boston (a Kawai sister company), you owe it to yourself to compare them all to the new Baldwin BP1 the 47.5″ piano with bass strings equal to a 5’8″ grand and much longer than any other piano in this range.

Why Are Baldwin Upright Pianos Just So Good?

The Baldwin Piano Company has a long history of creating high quality upright pianos that sound great and last forever. What qualities and benefits elevate a Baldwin upright over other upright pianos on the market today from Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and others?

Designs that have withstood the test of time. All of the current Baldwin piano models are based on existing Baldwin designs once manufactured in the USA. The Acrosonic designer cabinet pictured here has been made for decades.

Why are Baldwin upright pianos so good?





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