Roland FP-90

The FP-90 is a premium, 88-key portable digital piano featuring Roland’s state-of-the-art SuperNATURAL sound engine and PHA-50 “real ivory feel” hammer-action keys, plus a multi-channel speaker system, mic input, and vocal effects—black or white finish

When only the top of the line will do, Roland’s FP-90 is the portable 88-key digital piano you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in home entertainment, practice, travel, or a studio-quality instrument for live gigs or recording, the FP-90 is the ideal choice due to its flagship sound, state-of-the-art keyboard, and powerful onboard speakers. Having created iconic digital instruments and amplifiers over the last four decades, Roland has brought their considerable sound- and synth-design expertise to bear in the creation of SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, their most powerful sound engine. To access all the sonic nuances produced by this incredible sound engine, Roland has married it to their most advanced keyboard technology—the PHA-50 progressive hammer-action key, which provides a true ivory feel and maintenance-free construction. The FP-90 has a sleek, modern cabinet that houses a multi-channel speaker system with enough power for performing in intimate venues. A carefully selected range of additional sounds includes electric pianos, strings, organs, and synths for a wide variety of musical scenarios. Available in black or white finishes, the flexible FP-90 is ready to go wherever you want to play.


Roland FP-90 Digital Piano—Key Features:

  • Authentic grand piano touch from the PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, which combines wood and molded materials for great feel and lasting durability
  • Uses the latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology instead of conventional sampling for a far richer, more detailed piano sound
  • Four speakers provide powerful and rich sound that’s ideal for intimate live performances
  • Premium selection of electric piano, strings, organ, and synth sounds, along with 30 registrations for storing favorite sound setups, including layers and splits for live performance
  • Mic input and vocal effects
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless technology and play along with audio from your apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Enhance performances with rhythm accompaniments from Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app
  • Flat, portable cabinet in black or white finishes
  • Optional KSC-90 stand and KPD-90 pedal provide an elegant integrated look for home use
  • Compatible with DP-10 Damper pedal (included) or RPU-3 Triple Pedal (optional)

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano—Under the Lid

Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology for a rich and living piano sound

Press a key on most digital pianos and you’ll hear a recording of a piano note with perhaps three velocity-sensitive layers to offer only a small portion of the variation in attack and timbre you get with striking a key on an acoustic piano at various levels of intensity. However, a SuperNATURAL Piano works quite a bit differently. Using the latest modeling technology to recreate rather than replay, the sound, this unique, modeling process encompasses the entire sound-creation process of a typical piano—including the combination of notes played, their resonance, and how the piano’s many elements interact with each other. The result is a rich, complex sound, complete with overtones that change in response to the way you play—something impossible to achieve when a piano uses samples. It’s the difference between just listening back to a recording of a piano or an actual piano performance.

The look and feel of a wooden keyboard, the durability of modern materials

The wooden piano keyboards often found on acoustic pianos are attractive to look at and feel solid and substantial under your fingers. But a completely wooden keyboard is not the best approach for a digital piano since wooden keys need regular maintenance to keep them in the best condition. The FP-90 features Roland’s latest PHA-50 keyboard, which blends wood and molded material for the best of both worlds. Beautiful wooden sides give each key a familiar, rigid mass that feels just right to play, while the durable inner frame lets you enjoy your Roland piano for years to come without worrying about reliability. The PHA-50 key construction also produces less of a keyboard “thump” when played, as opposed to the natural sound of a piano hammer striking a key (which the SuperNATURAL sound engine replicates).


The Great Escapement

When we say that a digital keyboard can satisfy both amateur and professional, we’re not just talking about sound quality. As any classical pianist will tell you, escapement, s an essential feature that without it, would disqualify a digital piano as an option.

Escapement, also known as “let-off,” is what allows the hammer to be released (escape) after it strikes the string, even if the key is still depressed. Without this “single escapement,” the hammer would be held against the string (muting its vibrations) for as long as the key was depressed. What’s unique about the escapement is the feel it has when you press a key. It has a specific “clicking” feel when a key is depressed about halfway down, which is an integral characteristic of acoustic piano action.

The escapement action and clicking feel, typically found only on high-end digital pianos, is a feature found all Roland digital pianos, regardless of price point, which makes the FP-90 that much more of an incredible value—and enables experienced pianists to seamlessly transition from acoustic to Roland digital pianos, and conversely, students who learned on digital pianos to play acoustic pianos without having to alter their technique.

Powerful onboard speakers suitable for smaller venues

The FP-90 is equipped to sound great no matter where you play it. The discrete onboard bi-amp system delivers rich, powerful sound to the main speakers and sparkling high-end sound to the newly-developed dome tweeters, so your audiences can enjoy the wide dynamic range and precise reproduction of each acoustic element. And with the convenient three-band equalizer on the front panel, you can easily adjust the sound to fit the venue. Whether you’re just using the onboard speakers in smaller venues or connecting to an external PA on larger stages, you’ll always have amazing sound with the FP-90.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity

These days, people often play piano along with favorite songs stored on their smartphone. With built-in Bluetooth wireless support, the FP-90 goes a step further by letting you stream music through the piano’s powerful internal speakers, resulting in a far more immersive experience. Installing Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app on your tablet lets you get even more creative, providing access to rhythm accompaniments from genres including pop, jazz, and blues. They even follow the chords you play, and it all happens wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology.

*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased.

Flexible enough to play wherever you want

While the FP-90 is packed with the latest technology and time-saving features for the busy musician, the exterior design is simple and refined. Even though it’s a portable piano, the FP-90 looks great at home too, especially when paired with the optional KSC-90 stand and KPD-90 pedal for a fresh, contemporary look. The KSC-90 stand is stable and durable despite its simple, modern design, while the KPD-90 delivers three-pedal configuration and supports Progressive Damper Action, which provides continuous response for traditional playing techniques.

The Roland FP-90 is a premium-quality 88-key digital piano that is equally capable of live performance, studio work, or home practice and entertainment. For more information, call or chat online with a Hollywood Piano specialist.

Roland FP-30 Specifications:

Sound Generator:

  • SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling

Max. Polyphony:

  • Piano: Limitless (solo playing using “Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano” tones)
  • Other: 384


  • Piano: 15 tones
  • E.Piano: 16 tones
  • Strings: 11 tones
  • Organ: 15 tones
  • Pad: 15 tones
  • Other: 278 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)


  • PHA-50 Keyboard: Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys)

Touch Sensitivity:

  • Key Touch: 100 types, fixed touch
  • Hammer Response

Keyboard Modes:

  • Whole
  • Dual
  • Split (split point adjustable)


  • 8x 3-3/16″ x 4-3/4″ /12 cm (with speaker box)
  • Dome Tweeters: 2x 1″ / 2.5 cm


  • Capable of Headphones 3D Ambience

Master Tuning:

  • 415.3Hz–466.2Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1Hz)


  • 10 types (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), selectable temperament key


  • Ambience
  • Equalizer (3-band digital equalizer)
Only for organ tones: Rotary Speaker Effect
  • Only for E.Piano tones: Modulation Speed

Piano Designer (Only for “Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano” tones):

  • Lid
  • Key-Off Noise
  • Hammer Noise
  • Duplex Scale
  • Full Scale String Resonance
  • Damper Resonance
  • Key Off Resonance
  • Cabinet Resonance
  • Soundboard Type
  • Damper Noise
  • Single Note Tuning
  • Single Note Volume
  • Single Note Character

Rated Power Output:

  • 2x 25W
  • 2x 5W

Volume Level (SPL):

  • 107dB (This value was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard)


  • Audio: Bluetooth Ver. 3.0 (Supports SCMS-T content protection)
  • MIDI, Turning music sheet: Bluetooth Ver. 4.0

*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased.

Mic Effects:

  • Compressor
  • Doubling
  • Echo

Mic Controls:

  • Mic Gain knob
  • Mic Volume slider

Data Playback:

  • Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 1)
  • Audio File (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3, 44.1kHz, 64kbps–320kbps, require USB Flash Memory)

Internal Songs:

  • Total 10 songs

Recorder (Formats)

  • Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, Approx. 70,000 notes memory)
  • Audio File (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, require USB Flash Memory)

Convenient Functions:

  • Metronome (adjustable Tempo/Beat/Down beat/Pattern/Volume/Tone)
  • Transpose (Keyboard/Song: in semitones)
  • Registration (30 registrations, capable of pedal shift)
  • Registration Set
  • Tone Demo
  • Auto Off


  • Graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots


  • Volume slider
  • Equalizer sliders (Low/Mid/High)
  • Part sliders (Lower/Upper)
  • Song Vol. slider
  • Speaker switch


  • DC In jack
  • Pedal (Damper/R, Sostenuto/C *1, Soft/L *1) jacks: TRS 1/4-inch phone type
  • Input jacks: Stereo miniature phone type
  • Output (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Mic Input jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • MIDI (Out/In) connectors
  • USB Computer port: USB B type
  • USB Memory port: USB A type
  • Phones jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type

*1: Assignable

Power Supply:

  • AC adaptor

Power Consumption:

  • 12W


  • Owner’s Manual
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord
  • Music rest
  • Damper pedal (DP-10; capable of continuous detection)

Options (sold separately):

  • Dedicated stand: KSC-90
  • Dedicated pedal board: KPD-90
  • Keyboard stand: KS-G8B, KS-18Z, KS-12
  • Pedal unit: RPU-3
  • Damper pedal: DP series
  • Pedal switch: DP-2 (*2)
  • Expression pedal: EV-5
  • USB Flash Memory

*2 Cannot use for Damper/R.

Size (With music rest detached):

  • Width: 52-13/16″ / 1,340 mm
  • Depth: 15-3/8″ / 390 mm
  • Height: 5-3/8″ / 136 mm

Size (With music rest and dedicated stand KSC-90):

  • Width: 52-13/16″ / 1,340 mm
  • Depth: 16-1/2″ / 418 mm
  • Height: 36-3/4″ / 932 mm

Weight (With music rest ):

  • 52lb 1oz / 26.3 kg

Weight (With music rest KSC-90 and KPD-90):

  • 83lb 6oz / 37.8 kg

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