Roland RP102 Digital Piano

The RP102 digital piano features the authentic sound and response of Roland’s cutting-edge SuperNATURAL piano modeling and PHA-4 progressive hammer-action keyboard in a sleek and stylish cabinet that can suit any space requirements

Perhaps the greatest advantage that digital technology has to offer is not in the technology itself, but rather the numerous options it provides not just in sonic versatility, but in the size and design of the furniture it resides in. As Roland has proven numerous times with their SuperNATURAL piano modeling technology, you can fit not just one, but multiple grand pianos in the most compact cabinet. It also enables industrial designers to create sleek, ultra-modern furniture that suits your lifestyle, budget, and space. The Roland RP102 delivers on all fronts, combining authentic piano performance and onboard practice features in a compact and affordable design. It’s loaded with technologies shared with Roland’s award-winning premium pianos—including the “real ivory feel” PHA-4 hammer-action weighted keyboard that enables you to play expressively and improve your technique in response to natural touch, as opposed to a fixed response that limits your physical acquisition. If you’re looking for an upright piano that complements your décor and fits nicely in any space, large or small, the RP102’s streamlined cabinet with three integrated pedals is the right choice.


  • Roland RP102 Digital Piano—Key Features:Quality piano performance and onboard practice features in an affordable, space-saving instrument
  • Ideal as a first piano for the home, and also a great fit for lesson studios, practice rooms, and other music education settings
  • Class-leading Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication with music apps on smartphones and tablets
  • Exclusive Roland Piano Partner 2 app provides easy access to advanced piano controls and numerous features for education, entertainment, and performance
  • SuperNATURAL Piano technology delivers the authentic tone and response of an acoustic grand piano
  • PHA-4 Standard keyboard with refined sensing technology for highly expressive playability
  • Three pedal controls with metal construction for real acoustic piano feel
  • Over 200 onboard songs include traditional music, famous classical pieces, and essential practice etudes
  • Modern digital design eliminates the need for regular tuning and other costly maintenance
  • Handsome black cabinet offers a traditional look in a compact footprint

*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased

Roland RP102 Digital Piano—Under the Lid

Authentic Sound and Touch Supports Your Playing as You Get More Serious

To an experienced pianist, the sound of ordinary digital pianos falls short, since their sound comprises perhaps three layers of samples that respond at preset velocities, whereas the sound of an acoustic piano string responds continuously
to touch with timbre changes. There are myriad resonances and physical interactions that comprise acoustic piano sound, including the sound of the hammer as it strikes the string, the resonance of the string, soundboard, cabinet, and so forth. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology recreates all these components, so for the first time, a digital piano truly sounds and behaves like an acoustic instrument.

Tapping into the RP102’s amazing sound engine, the PHA-4 Standard keyboard inherits the progressive hammer action and Ivory Feel texture of keyboards found in Roland high-end pianos and includes advanced sensing technology to take full advantage of SuperNATURAL Piano’s enormous tonal range. This highly responsive keyboard follows every nuance of your developing touch, encouraging deeper levels of expression as your technique improves. The piano’s three pedals are made of metal for an authentic feel and also support half-pedal control. This technique is required to play more advanced piano pieces and is not possible on typical entry-level instruments that employ less sophisticated pedal switches. And finally, to immerse you in sound, the RP102 features dynamic built-in speakers.

The Great Escapement

When we say that a digital keyboard can satisfy both amateur and professional, we’re not just talking about sound quality. As any classical pianist will tell you, escapement, s an essential feature that without it, would disqualify a digital piano as an option.

Escapement, also known as “let-off,” is what allows the hammer to be released (escape) after it strikes the string, even if the key is still depressed. Without this “single escapement,” the hammer would be held against the string (muting its vibrations) for as long as the key was depressed. What’s unique about the escapement is the feel it has when you press a key. It has a specific “clicking” feel when a key is depressed about halfway down, which is an integral characteristic of acoustic piano action.

The escapement action and clicking feel, typically found only on high-end digital pianos, is a feature found all Roland digital pianos, regardless of price point, which makes the RP102 that much more of an incredible value—and enables experienced pianists to seamlessly transition from acoustic to Roland digital pianos, and conversely, students who learned on digital pianos to play acoustic pianos without having to alter their technique.

Space-saving and maintenance-free

Owning an acoustic grand piano is not all sunshine and unicorns. There are problems to be dealt with— expensive problems. For example, with over 12,000 parts and 30 tons of pressure across its soundboard, the susceptibility of strings, wood, and moving parts to humidity and temperature change (not to mention the possible pounding on the keys by children of all ages), means that it will require expensive maintenance and regular tuning by a certified technician. Additionally, an acoustic grand can weigh between 500 and 1,200 pounds. To move one, it will require a qualified moving crew to ensure that no cracks in the soundboard or legs will occur. With its modern digital approach, the RP102 is the solution to all these problems and more. It weighs just 84.3 lbs./37.8 kg and is easily moved by two adults, while the space-saving cabinet is about the same width as a 60-inch TV on a stand. What’s more, the advanced digital sound engine never needs tuning, saving you time and money. If you already own an acoustic piano, the RP102 is a great second instrument to place in a spare room for night practice. It’s also perfect for use in lesson studios and school practice rooms, making the RP102 an excellent choice for music educators as well.

Piano Partner 2 makes learning fun and faster

Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app for iOS and Android mobile devices is the perfect companion for the RP102. Via a wireless Bluetooth connection, it shows digital notation for the piano’s internal songs on your device’s display, and pages even turn automatically as a song plays. You can practice each hand individually by muting the left- or right-hand part, and freely adjust the tempo as needed. The app also provides access to backing rhythms and flashcard games that help you build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises.

Ready to Play When You Are

The RP102 is equipped to inspire music making the instant you get it set up at home. There are over 200 ready-to-play songs at hand, including traditional music, classical masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven, and famous piano etudes from Hanon and Czerny. There’s also a convenient onboard metronome with variable time signatures, providing an essential tool to develop your sense of timing. If inspiration strikes at midnight, you can plug in headphones and lose yourself in rich, beautiful sound without disturbing family members and neighbors. And when you want to play side by side with a teacher or friend, you can activate Twin Piano mode and split the keyboard into two 44-note pianos, each with their own middle C.


Straightforward and Easy Operation

With its straightforward interface, the RP102 lets you enjoy great piano sound with zero hassle—just press the power button, adjust the volume, and start playing. And if you want to dive into the piano’s deeper features, simply call up Piano Partner 2 on your favorite mobile device. From the app, you can choose from a variety of piano and non-piano sounds, and even layer any two sounds together. Also, you can browse the piano’s onboard song library, select songs, and adjust the tempo numerically.

Thanks to its advanced capabilities, the RP102 blends in seamlessly with your modern lifestyle. It never needs tuning or regular maintenance and includes onboard Bluetooth technology for connecting with a smartphone or tablet for instant enjoyment and enhanced learning. By wirelessly pairing the piano with Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app, you can view digital sheet music, interact with backing rhythms, and access various features not available from the panel. The RP102 is an exceptional piano value, at the ready to bring musical enjoyment for years to come.

The Roland RP102 is a premium-quality 88-key upright digital piano eminently suited for home entertainment and practice. For more information, call or chat online with a Hollywood Piano specialist.

Roland RP102 Specifications:


  • 88 keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with Escapement and Ivory Feel)

Touch Sensitivity

  • Key Touch: 5 types, fixed touch

Keyboard Mode

  • Whole
  • Dual
  • Twin Piano


  • Damper (Pedal switch, capable of half-pedal detection)
  • Soft (Pedal switch)
  • Sostenuto (Pedal switch)

Piano Sound

  • SuperNATURAL Piano Sound

Max. Polyphony

  • 128 voices


  • Piano: 4 tones
  • Other: 11 tones

Stretched Tuning

  • 1 types (Always On)

Master Tuning

  • 415.3–466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)


  • Key Transpose: -6–+5 (in semitones)


  • Ambience (Off, 10 levels)
  • Brilliance (21 levels)
  • Only for Piano Tones:
  • Damper Resonance (Always On)
  • String Resonance (Always On)
  • Key Off Resonance (Always On)


  • Quarter note = 10–500 (When rhythm function turns on: Quarter note = 20–250)
  • Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8


  • 100 levels

Internal Songs

  • Listening: 9 songs
  • Piano Masterpieces: 40 songs
  • Easy Piano: 8 songs
  • Czerny: 100 songs
  • Hanon: 20 songs
  • Scale: 36 songs


  • MIDI, Turning music sheet
  • Bluetooth Ver 4.0

*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased

Keyboard Lid

  • Slide type

Other Functions

  • Auto Off


  • DC In jack
  • USB Computer port: USB Type B
  • Update port: USB Type A
  • Phones jacks (usable as output jack) x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type


  • Owner’s manual
  • Leaflet “Stand Assembly”
  • AC Adaptor
  • Power Cord (for AC Adaptor)
  • Music rest
  • Options (sold separately)
  • Headphones

Rated Power Output

  • 2x 6W

Volume Level (SPL)

  • 99 dB (This value was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard.)


  • 4-3/4″ / 12 cm

Power Supply

  • AC adaptor

Power Consumption

  • 4W (3–10W)
  • 4W: Average power consumption while piano is played with volume at center position
  • 3W: Power consumption immediately after power-up; nothing being played
  • 10W: Rated power consumption

Size (Including Piano Stand, With Music Rest)

  • Width: 54-5/16″ / 1,379 mm
Depth: 16-5/16″ / 413 mm
Height: 38-1/2″ / 977 mm

Size (Including Piano Stand, Without Music Rest)

  • Width: 54-5/16″ / 1,379 mm
Depth: 16-5/16″ / 413 mm
Height: 32-3/16″ / 817 mm
  • Weight (Including Piano Stand)
    83lb 6oz / 37.8 kg*

* Actual weight can vary slightly from that indicated due to the fact that wooden parts are involved.





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