Baldwin Classic SD10

Baldwin Classic SD10

Our Concert Grand
The Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand Piano

The Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand full-size concert grand piano is the world’s finest hand-built instrument. It is Baldwin’s flagship piano and our largest piano; the SD-10 measures 9′ 0″ and features the highest level of quality construction and unmatched performance. Every key on this piano conveys the rich and storied heritage of the finest piano makers in the world.

Perfect construction and soaring tone for a lifetime of enjoyment
The SD-10 Concert Grand features a one-piece, continuously-bent rim design constructed entirely of maple. In addition, the soundboard is made of the finest quartersawn spruce available so that you can enjoy wood with a tighter grain pattern and improved uniformity for exceptional tonal characteristics. The piano’s sharp keys are made from genuine African ebony wood with an added radius for a superior feel, and the Baldwin-engineered Renner hammers deliver world-class note-to-note clarity and consistency, while its superior action provides faster key repetition rates, in addition to an increase in dynamic tonal range. The three pedals are traditional — soft, sustain and sustenuto — and constructed from solid brass, and the fallboard utilizes a pneumatic, slow-close mechanism design.

The Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand is available in either Polished Ebony or Satin Ebony.

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