Steingraeber Salon Grand B-192

Steingraeber Salon Grand B-192

The 6’3” B-192 is the latest Steingraeber design and closely
modeled on the Steingraeber grand C-212 and thus the
2nd descendant of the famous Liszt piano from 1873.
Very long bass strings on a similar scale to those of a
chamber music grand are conducive to its wide range of
sound. This piano transfers private homes into a concert
salon; the B-192 is also well suited to discerning
professionals and for use in music conservatories.


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The story of the pianoforte manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne, begins in the 1820’s in Thuringia, Germany. The second generation, Eduard Steingraeber, moved the facility to Bayreuth (Bavaria) in 1852 where it remains today under the tutelage of Udo Steingraeber, the sixth generation. Steingraeber and Söhne has been the recipient of numerous international prizes, as much for its innovation and technical improvements to the piano, as for its strict adherence to impeccable quality–a Steingraeber hallmark. Since 1906 world-renowned designers have fashioned Steingraeber piano cabinets and continue to this day. Crafting fewer than 250 pianos are each year, Steingraeber & Söhne is truly the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship….EST. 1852


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