Steingraeber D-232 Semi Concert Grand Piano

Steingraeber D-232 Semi Concert Grand Piano

At 7’7”, the D-232 is a classic grand piano for professionals,
universities and mid-sized halls. The new capo d’astro
bar is conducive to an especially singing tone and
enriching the softest pppp to the most energetic ffff;
Covering 46 notes, this capo d’astro bar is the only one
of its kind worldwide.

This piano is a solo and chamber music instrument best suited to medium-sized auditoriums. At present, the most famous location for a D-232 is at the Bagsværd Kirke in Copenhagen, a monument to twentieth-century architectural history. Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera House, conceived the design for this custom-made Steingraeber D-232, and his son Jan undertook the completion of the project at the Steingraeber workshops. Other important sites include universities of music and music academies from Brno to Dresden, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Munich, Vienna, and Stockholm.


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