Schulze Pollmann

Schulze Pollmann

Schulze Pollmann SU 122A

Pianoforte Verticale

Schulze Pollmann SU 122A

Action:  VA-7A Original

Hammer heads:  Premium Felt

Soundboard:  Premium Spruce

Tuning pins:  Klinke

Strings steel / copper:  Röslau / Degen

Pedals:  3

Fallboard slow-close:  Yes

Height:  122 cm (48”)

Width:  150 cm (59”)

Depth:  61 cm (24”)

Available in:  Ebony Peacock Gloss,

Walnut Peacock Gloss, Walnut Briar Gloss, Mahogany Peacock Gloss, Mahogany Briar Gloss, Mahogany Feather Gloss

Other cabinets available on demand:  White Peacock Gloss

Specifications may change without notice





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