Ritmuller UP 120RE – 47.25″

Institutional Studio Upright Piano

Ritmuller UP 120RE – 47.25″

Ritmuller Premium Vertical. Available in: Mahogany Satin.

Perfected by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma, this traditional, professional studio upright is specially designed for the needs of the institutional market. A solid beauty, it was built from the ground up to meet all school specifications. With the durability you’d expect, this piano is an ideal choice for schools, churches, recreational centers or any institutional environment.


Action: Manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship. All wood parts are made from hard maple and precisely produced by advanced CNC digital machinery to ensure even touch.?
Action Rail: Extruded aluminum.
Backposts: Spruce.
Bridges: Vertically laminated with solid maple cap creating the accurate and precise transfer of sound frequency vibration resulting in a purer tone.
Fallboard: Standard.
Hardware: Brass.
Hammers: Specially selected hammer felt, with an excellent balance of elasticity and firmness, formed to produce a rich assertive tone.
Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce.
Key Material: Premium Spruce, select straight grain.
Middle Pedal: Practice.
Pinblock: 17 cross-plied laminations of hard rock maple, cold pressed and age cured to provide tuning pin stability.
Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed.
Soundboard: All spruce, core assembled with vertical grain, crafted to provide maximum tonal response and structural integrity.
Strings: German Röslau wire.
Tuning Pins: Steel, cut thread, nickel plated to prevent rusting and maintain pin position.
Warranty: 10 year parts and labor.
Hieght: 47.25 inches
Weight: 602 pounds (Boxed, including bench)

*Models and specifications subject to change.





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