Pianos in Burbank

Pianos in Burbank

Pianos in Burbank

For residents of Burbank, there is one solution when it comes to finding the best in pianos, tuning and related services. Hollywood Piano Company has been serving the piano Burbank market for many years and has won numerous accolades and accomplishments along the way. When it comes to buying a new piano, fixing an old one or even trying to find a buyer for your old piano, there is no better place than the Hollywood Piano Company.

For pianos in Burbank there has been one choice over the years. The Hollywood Piano Company takes care of most of the professional pianos Burbank. They provide the pianos all season long for the Burbank Starlight Bowl, the pianos for the Burbank Philharmonic, The Burbank Master Chorale, both of the Burbank High Schools and all of the movie and television companies in Burbank.

Currently, for those needing pianos Burbank, there are numerous options. This piano store stocks many top manufacturers, including, Estonia, Young Chang, Albert Weber, Brodmann, Roland, Kurzwell, Pre-owned Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai and many others. They represent pianos which they strongly feel to be the best values in each of their price categories. When it comes to variety and a widest selection of pianos Burbank, this is truly a one-stop shop.

Burbank, CA Piano Sales

Hollywood Piano Burbank also offers a regular tuning and other piano technical services to keep your current piano in the best possible condition. Hollywood Piano Burbank can schedule regular visits to ensure that your piano stays in tune. If your piano has been neglected for more than 2 years, the company offers a special service that involves a complete servicing with a pitch raise on the piano that can recapture its once rich sound.

For those needing special care, Hollywood Pianos Burbank features a repair service. These repairs can be done on-site and include replacing any broken or missing parts, corrective tuning and many other fixes. For pianos that have been severely damaged, it is best to contact Hollywood Piano Burbank to see what can be done to correct the problem. Severely neglected pianos may need to be brought in for a more complete overhaul.

If you are planning on selling your piano or if you need to get it valued for insurance purposes, Hollywood Piano Burbank offers an appraisal service. They will travel to your location and completely inspect the piano. This service also covers those who would like to purchase a piano but would like to know if any servicing is needed, or if they are getting a good value for the asking price.

Best Pianos in Burbank, CA

Hollywood Piano Burbank specializes in the restoration of old pianos that have lost their former luster. Thousands of very special pianos have been brought back to life as the company meticulously restores them. This service includes refinishing, recondition or even complete restoration. Don’t give up on that family heirloom just yet, there may still be hope for it!

Lastly, Hollywood Piano Burbank offers a special moving service that is very useful for homeowners that do not want to entrust their family heirloom to just any moving company. It is beneficial to have a company that understands pianos and piano moving to make sure that the piano is not damaged in transit. Proper techniques must be used to ensure that the piano finish is not damaged or that the delicate interior parts are not damaged en route.

Since 1928 Hollywood Piano Burbank has been the source for all piano sales, piano rentals and piano service.

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