Pianos in Glendale

Piano Keyboard And Sheetmusic

Piano Keyboard And Sheetmusic

Glendale Piano buyers have looked to the Hollywood Piano Company for more than 80 years for piano sales and piano rentals in Glendale California. They have succeeded by offering the best selection of pianos in the industry at the guaranteed lowest prices.

No matter what kind of piano you may be looking for, such as a piano rental or a piano purchase, chances are you’ll be able to find the style and brand at the Hollywood Piano Company.

Currently, the inventory at Hollywood provides Glendale piano shoppers with one of the largest inventories in California having dozens of name brands available and over 800 piano avialble. Hollywood Piano has been proud to supply the areas most prestigious performing organization, the Glendale Symphony with pianos for all of their concerts.

The final touch in any home is a fine piano. Nothing makes a house classier than the edition of a baby grand piano or even a full grand piano. Today with the addition of a disk player system you can enjoy world class piano music in your home at the touch of a button. Hollywood Piano offers Glendale piano buyers a terrific selection of baby grands and grand pianos from the leading manufacturers around the world. They have pianos in every style and finish to satisfy Glendale piano enthusiasts and even the most discerning interior decorators.

Glendale, CA Piano Sales

Some Glendale piano shopper will appreciate the features of a digital piano. These pianos don’t need tuning and can be played with headphones. Today’s families can benefit from the ability to connect their digital piano with their computers through USB which will allow one to record or playback their music and have the ability to used advanced educational software.

Upright pianos are the perfect solution for those looking for a professional piano sound, but who may not have a lot of space. There is a certain charm that accompanies an upright piano and many homeowners and businesses prefer to use this space saving design. Hollywood Piano offers Glendale piano shoppers a very wide selection of upright pianos in a variety of finishes and colors to match any décor.

If a brand new piano is not quite what you are looking for, Hollywood Piano offers Glendale piano shoppers a terrific selection of used pianos that have been completely inspected and are certified pre-owned. Glendale piano owners are in luck cause when it comes to restoration of old pianos and making sure that they operate as well as they did the day they rolled out of the plant, Hollywood Piano is an acknowledged leader. Hollywood Piano has the old world craftsman who can restore both the inside and the finish of your piano.

Pianos in Glendale, CA

Glendale piano owners can take advantage of Hollywood Piano’s tuning services for the Glendale area. You can schedule a regular visit to make sure that your piano always stays at pitch. If it has been several years since the last tuning, you may need to have the pitch raised a bit to make sure your piano sounds right. The company also provides on site repair services and even full restoration for old pianos.

Last but not least, if you need to insure your piano, or if you are looking to sell it, Hollywood Piano can fully inspect the piano for Glendale piano owners and provide you with an appraisal for its value. Many customers also use this service when they are looking to purchase a used piano from a third party.

For Glendale pianos the choice has been clear for over 80 years. Its Hollywood Piano, the southern California piano source.

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