Pianos in Pasadena

Pianos in Pasadena

Pianos in Pasadena

Hollywood Piano has been the Pasadena piano resource since 1928, offering Southern California fine pianos and the highest quality piano services. Throughout these many years, the company has given residents in the Pasadean area the ability to purchase high quality pianos as well as professional restoration services that have made hundreds of pianos sing again. After 81 years Hollywood Piano has opened a showroom and relocated it’s corperate warehouse to the city of Pasadena, with their incredible selection and commitment to service, Hollywood Piano will be serving Pasadena for many years to come.

The Hollywood Piano company is family run and has been cared for by just 2 families over its long life. We have always believed in supporting the arts in the communities and that’s why we are now the offical piano provider and Esotnia is the offical piano of the Pasadena Pops and the Pasadena Symphony. In addition we have provided pianos for the Pasadena City College, The Pasadena Civic Auditorium with out hallmarks of the absolute best in service, and event support regardlessof if its a piano sale or rental. When it comes to buying a new piano, renting a piano, selling an old one, or a restoration project, those in the know in Pasadena know where they should turn.

Pasadena, CA Piano Sales, Rentals and Service

Currently, Hollywood Pianos offers Pasadena piano buyers and those wanting piano rentals in Pasadena an incredibly wide selection of pianos and keyboards. Some of the world’s finest manufacturers are represented at this store, and you’ll find new and used names such as Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Kurzweil, Estonia, Brodmann, Young Chang, Weber, Roland and George Steck, as well as many other high end brands. These pianos are award winning and used by some of the top performers of the past and present. When you’re looking for quality sound, unbeatable resonance and quality that will last for years to come, the selection at Hollywood Piano represent the top values in each category. .

With these top value pianos, you’d expect to pay top of the line prices, but thanks to Hollywood Pianos, Pasadena piano buyers can get incredible bargains due to their large buying power and low overhead location. Often piano makers offer Hollywood Piano only huge discounts on special buys on brand new pianos and they also have a wide selection of quality used Steinway pianos that have been completely restored. From the cutest baby grand to the most high tech keyboards, Hollywood Piano offers Pasadena piano buyers the areas widest selection.

The company also provides numerous piano related services. Their regular tuning service ensures that your piano will always be in tune. Weather conditions, humidity and several other factors can affect how well a piano stays in tune and it is very important to keep your piano in tune to protect your investment. For those who have not had a professional tuning in more than two years, Hollywood Piano offers Pasadena piano owners a special pitch raise service that will raise the pitch to the standard A440 over a 2 stage process.

Pianos in Pasadena, CA

Hollywood Piano also offers special on-site repair and restoration services that can get any piano looking new again. If you have a diamond in the rough, don’t entrust it to just anyone. You need to find a professional that will return your piano to its former glory.

If you are in the market to sell your used piano and you’re not sure what the price should be, Hollywood Piano offers Pasadena piano sellers a pianol appraisal service and inspection. Many customers also use this for insurance purposes.

Since 1928 the Hollywood Piano Company has been serving the needs of Pasadena piano lovers with the finest in piano sales, piano rentals and piano service and now as a part of the community, they can do this even better.

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