Bluthner 190



This Bluthner Piano Has Been Reconditioned, Serviced, Cleaned, and Tuned.

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Brand: Bluthner

Model: 190

Serial#: 29490

Year built: 1854

From Leipzig Germany, the Bluthner 190 is a 6’3” grand.


Although the company came into prominence at the same time as Bechstein, the qualities of the instruments contrast greatly. The Bluthner piano has a much clearer tone than the extravagant sound of the Bechstein, and the hammers and felts it uses are more compact.

Wilhelm Kempff described his Bluthner as being ‘precise’ and of ‘unrivalled beauty.’

Julius Bluthner set about creating his company in 1853 , endorsing the philosophy of “Quality above everything”. Eight grand pianos and two squares had been built by the first year.

He began displaying his instruments at exhibitions in 1854 where their potential as professional concert pianos as well as their elaborate case styles were highly acclaimed.

The path into the international market was paved in 1862 at an exhibition in Mersburg. The valuable medals and prizes the instruments claimed as a consequence throughout the history of the company can still be found on the soundboard of every instrument.

The increasing demands of the instruments lead to the enlargement of the factory in 1876 . In 1878 a concert hall was built in West Strasse, Leipzig; the location of the firm’s headquarters. Instruments could be exhibited against a lavishly decorated background.

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