Estonia 185 (Bubinga)



Here we have a Estonia Bubinga Grand Piano

Make: Estonia
Model: 190
Finish: Bubinga
Status: Used/Reconditioned

Estonia Pianos

Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an ideal – to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only the best suited, and therefore limited, materials, parts and experienced craftsmen in Europe. To build a truly hand-crafted piano in the European tradition, Estonia sets the standard and then seeks out only proven European partners to supply each selected component in the pianos we build. In order to guarantee the right quality, they are sand-cast, seasoned, and only the best plates pass the final selection. We have one year of iron plates in our inventory, and only the best would be selected. It takes modern machinery to make even the rough surfaces and prepare for our mirror-like polish finishes,, at which our craftsmen show their experience. We continue to test them, to make sure that they do not interfere with the piano sound but are there to support the structure. Shiny, smooth, and even, they have received a lot of praise at international music trade shows, and are considered among the best from Europe.

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