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Here we have a reconditioned Fazer Studio Upright Piano

Make: Fazer
Model: Studio
Finish: (PE) Polished Ebony
Status: Used/Reconditioned


The history of Fazer’s piano factory dates back to 1934, when Musiikki-Fazer started manufacturing low Mignon upright pianos with a license from the Svenska Förenade Piano & Organ company located in Arvika, Sweden. Their good sales encouraged Fazer to also design and manufacture full-size upright pianos, which would combine a cheap price and good quality. In 1935 Georg Fazer died, and Musiikki-Fazer was taken over by his nephew Roger Lindberg. Fazer’s piano production began in Helsinki in 1940. Due to high demand, the premises became small. So the production was moved to Pornainen Halkia in 1963, and in 1971 the ten thousandth Fazer piano was completed. At that time, about half of the pianos were exported outside of Finland, and production was expanded to Linnanpelto in Sipo.

In the early 1970s, Fazer pianos used German Louis Renner mechanisms, then Schwander and BPA, and from the mid-1980s Herrburger, according to one source also Langer mechanisms. A material known as Halkinit was used in the resonator bases of the pianos, which is said to withstand changes in air humidity without any problems.

Piano production peaked in 1983 and 1984, when around 7,000 instruments were produced per year and Fazer was one of the largest piano manufacturers in Europe. Model names exported to Western European countries were Finlandia, Lapponia, Classic and Forte. The advent of digital pianos soon began to eat away at the market for acoustic pianos, and Fazer’s piano factory was sold to Hellas-Piano in 1988. (Fazer Studio) as advertised.

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