Grotrian Steinweg – SOLD


Here we have a reconditioned Grotrian Steinweg Baby Grand Piano

Make: Grotrian Steinweg
Model: Baby
Finish: SE (Satin Ebony)
Statues: Used/Reconditioned


Modern Grotrian-Steinweg pianos were said by Larry Fine in the to have the following characteristics: “The treble of these instruments has extraordinary sustaining characteristics. It also has a pronounced sound of attack, subtle and delicate. The tenor is darker than many other brands. The bass can be powerful, but without stridency. Overall, these pianos have a unique, expressive sound and are a pleasure to play. Over the years, many European royal families have appointed Grotrian to supply pianos to the court, and many well-known pianists have endorsed or expressed appreciation for thes pianos.” Hollywood Piano is proud to be the exclusive representative of this brand of pianos in Los Angeles, Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Our goal at Hollywood Piano is to seek out the highest value piano brands in the world at each level. This is why we chose to represent this brand of pianos at the prestige luxury level.


  1. Top tier luxury pianos.  – When you think of luxury products you may think of Rolls-Royce, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and others.  Grotrian represents that level of luxury in pianos.
  2. Pianos have been certified as 100% made in Germany and arrive with certificate to verify this. 
  3. Pianos represent the highest value among luxury piano brands. With the current favorable Dollar to Euro exchange rate the prices of Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are often landing in the USA at a retail price near the cost of, and sometimes less than the cost of an American Steinway piano. Imagine getting a prestige product hand built in Germany for less than the similar sized piano made in the USA.
  4. Pianos are hand made works of art immaculately crafted in the old world German method using only the finest materials available
  5. Pianos posses unparalleled piano touch and piano tone. In the end it’s all about piano sound, touch and how it performs.

For the pianist looking for the ultimate piano playing experience, treat yourself to an audition of a new Grand or upright piano.

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