Kimball Upright



Here we have a Kimball Upright piano

Make: Kimball
Model: Upright
Finish: Mah
Status: Used/Reconditioned

Kimball International Pianos

Kimball International is a company of makers – not just furniture makers – makers transcend one product type, and have skills to change with the cultural climate. Our parent company has always thought of itself as a materials expert first. That focus on competency has led to generations of success in multiple categories – and success for our customers. We believe in a culture of caring. We started as a family business in 1970 and maintain that spirit company-wide today. And we’re just getting started.

The workplace isn’t the space it was when we started in 1970. Our core values, quest for quality and heritage in craftsmanship are still at the heart of our business, but our definition of craftsmanship has evolved over time to include technology that enhances the quality and design of our product. Technology can drive us to find newer, better solutions we never thought possible.

Our complete product solutions create a sense of place where people can achieve all that’s possible. Our desire to innovate drives us to engage with the broader design community outside our doors. As a world-class design company, we pride ourselves in being curious, forward-thinking, driven for results, and relentless in our pursuit of success.

Our ultimate goal is to provide relevant solutions that carry workplaces into the future. Together, with our partners, we will continue to anticipate changes in how people work and design solutions for a successful workplace.

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