Kohler & Campbell SKG-400S



Here we have a reconditioned Kohler & Campbell SKG-400S Grand Piano

Make: Kohler & Campbell
Model: SKG-400S
Finish: PW (Polished Walnut)
Status: Used/Reconditioned


Schafer and Sons Pianos’ rich history and top quality pianos had allowed them to become a well-known figure in the piano sales industry in the United States. Their partnerships once fledged were at par among the widest distributors of pianos in the USA.


Schafer & Sons was more than a company – it was a family that was dedicated to music and fine musical instruments. The business was established in 1955 by Vern Schafer in Colton, California. The company initially produced 100 pianos, manufactured by the Currier Piano Company.

In the 1960’s Schafer and Sons joined a partnership with Kohler and Campbell Pianos. In the 1970’s they produced the Schafer and Sons “Classic” Console Piano. Many other well known piano manufacturers produced pianos from Schafer and Sons. These include the Aeolian, Schimmel, Story & Clark, Kimball, Wurlitzer, and other piano manufacturing companies. In 1974, Schafer and Sons forged a partnership with Samick Pianos. The two company’s joint venture lasted until 1989. From 1990 until 2005 Young Chang had manufactured Schafer and Sons pianos. Parts were manufactured overseas, and were gathered together and assembled in China.  Schafer and Sons had negotiated with several European manufacturers to produce a new line of Schafer and Sons pianos, during the early 2000s. The company closed its doors indefinitely, in 2016.

Piano Designs and Marketing

The company’s grand pianos range through the length of 6 ‘9″. Vertical pianos are available in 37” through 52″ respectively. Schafer & Sons showed a unique marketing plan in the piano industry. The company used the philosophy “sell through” not “sell to”. This gave the dealer organization an assurance for optimum positive results and return on every invested dollar.  Vertical pianos that were manufactured in the United States included 13 decorator models with sizes that included a 37″ spinet and 42″ console piano. Imported vertical pianos included nine models of console and professional upright models, sizes ranging from 41″ through 52″. Grand models include the Baby, Studio, Parlor, Semi-Concert, and full size 9’ Concert Grand. Schafer & Sons Player Pianos proved to be of top tier quality in the field in performance and selection. One of which is the Nickelodian, recognized for its unusual entertainment value. (Kohler & Campbell SKG-400S) as advertised.

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Kohler & Campbell


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