Kurzweil CUP2



Here we have a reconditioned Kurzweil CUP2 Digital Upright Piano

Make: Kurzweil
Model: CUP2
Finish: (PI) Polished Ivory
Status: Used/Reconditioned


Kurzweil Music Systems is an American company that produces electronic musical instruments. It was founded in 1982 by Stevie Wonder (musician), Ray Kurzweil (innovator) and Bruce Cichowlas (software developer).

Kurzweil was a developer of reading machines for the blind, and their company used many of the technologies originally designed for reading machines, and adapted them to musical purposes. They released their first instrument, the K250 in 1983, and have continued producing new instruments ever since. The company was acquired by Young Chang in 1990. HDC acquired Young Chang in 2006 and in January 2007 appointed Raymond Kurzweil as Chief Strategy Officer of Kurzweil Music Systems. Such a great introduction piano for someone learning how to play. (Kurzweil CUP2) as advertised.

“Stevie Wonder was the first customer for the Kurzweil Reading Machine (the first print-to-speech reading machine) in 1976. The  became friends and had many conversations about technology as applied to both disabilities and music. In 1982, while giving Kurzweil a tour of his new “Wonderland” music studio, Stevie asked if it would be possible to build a bridge between the powerful control methods of computer music (in which a broad variety of input devices could be used to control any available sound) with the beautiful sounds of acoustic instruments such as the piano and guitar. They thought about it, and concluded that it would be feasible. Kurzweil Music Systems was born in 1982 with Stevie Wonder as musical advisor.

They showed a prototype of the Kurzweil 250 at the June 1983 NAMM show and people were amazed that both the look and feel of a grand piano was realistically captured in an electronic instrument for the first time. Kurzweil started shipping the product in 1984 and it quickly became recognized as the first computerized instrument to faithfully capture the grand piano, which they confirmed in A-B tests with pianists. (Kurzweil CUP2) as advertised

Over the next quarter century we developed a succession of digital keyboards that maintained this leadership in realism while also providing a broad new palette of sounds and sound modification techniques that are only possible in the electronic world. This was the vision that Stevie Wonder had articulated in 1982 and I was personally gratified that he felt satisfied that we had achieved it. Many other high profile artists (Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, The Who, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Boston Pops, Andrew Lloyd Webber to name a few) around the world seemed to agree.

I have always felt that the type of technology that Kurzweil Music represents is highly democratizing. Years ago only the top studios and academic laboratories could afford technology that allowed flexible shaping of new sounds. Now these tools can be afforded by everyone from music students to weekend musicians. As technological advances continue to ramp up at an exponential pace, KMS will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, further blurring the line between music and machine.” -Ray Kurzweil-

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