Lothar Schell Studio



Here we have a Lothar Schell Studio Studio Upright piano

Make: Lothar Schell
Model: Studio
Finish: (PM) Polished Mahogany
Statues: Used/Reconditioned

Lothar Schell Pianos

Lothar Schell Pianos are designed by Mr. Lothar Schell acclaimed as one of the world’s most notable “German Piano Engineers”. His technique and design have been recognized and used by piano manufacturers in Germany, Japan, England, Italy, Korean, Russia, China and South Africa.

As the recipient of perennial industry recognition and praise, Mr. Schell’s contributions can be found in over 100,000 pianos built and distributed worldwide.

Lothar Schell Pianos incorporate a German scale design, select materials, and superior craftsmanship. Lothar Schell Pianos represent the new industry benchmark for high quality and affordability.

Lothar Schell Pianos are built using select woods and superior materials imported from different countries. Only the most highly skilled and experienced craftmen are assigned to work on Lothar Schell Pianos. The exceptional combination of premium quality materials, advanced construction techniques and skilled workmanship has forged the creation of pianos of superior resonance adn outstanding quality. Lothar Schell Pianos represent the hand of his German heritage and commitment to excellence. Lothar Schell Pianos represent the new benchmark in innovation style and quality.

Located at our Burbank location


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