Nordiska Console



Here we have a reconditioned Nordiska Console Piano

Make: Nordiska
Model: Console
Finish: (PE) Polished Ebony
Status: Used/Reconditioned


he Nordiska Piano Company was founded over 100 years ago in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. Soon after, Nordiska pianos were known throughout Europe for their advanced scale design and superior sound. In 1988, Europe was in the midst of a deep recession, and the Swedish piano manufacturer ceased operations. The Dongbei Piano Company, located in China, aspired to produce a superior Chinese piano and proceeded to acquire the scale designs, machinery, and virtually everything else from the Nordiska Piano Company.

Following the acquisition, a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to handling the production of the Nordiska piano line, was constructed near their standard piano factory and the finest craftsmen were assigned to work in the newly constructed Nordiska factory. Advanced technology and equipment was imported from Japan, Germany and Sweden to be used in forming a large scale assembly line of international standards and quality. The relocated and enhanced Nordiska Piano Company has received numerous gold medals for acoustical excellence at a variety of international fairs.  From the selection of the highest quality materials to the use of the finest components, Nordiska is committed to providing the highest standard of excellence in the industry. Never before has such a quality instrument been available at the value presented by the Nordiska piano line. The journey begins with Nordiska’s ability to select premium lumber from the Siberian and native Asian forests which are noted for providing wood with exceptional tonal qualities. Due to their positioning in the Yingkou Liaoning Provence in the Northeastern portion of China, the Nordiska company is among the first companies in China to select properly aged lumber, thereby ensuring a high standard of quality.

To accompany the high quality materials used in the handcrafting of their instruments, Nordiska utilizes only the finest components to provide each piano with a superior sound. The use of German-made Abel hammers throughout the entire Nordiska grand and vertical line (with the exception of the 109 CM) confirms the Nordiska commitment to quality. European Roslau wire is imported to provide the finest strings. Highly skilled craftsmen wind the bass string by hand at Nordiska’s exclusive factory. Since first being imported into the United States in 2000, Nordiska pianos have made a dramatic impact on the music industry. Today, the Nordiska brand is embraced by pianists of all skill levels – from students to professional musicians – who appreciate a quality instrument. (Nordiska Console) as advertised.

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