Pearl River UP115



This Pearl River Piano Has Been Reconditioned, Serviced, Cleaned, and Tuned.

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Brand: Pearl River

Finish: Polish Mahogany

Serial#: 004283

From Gouangzhou China, the Pearl River UP115 is an upright built in 2000.


The World’s Best-Selling Piano, sold in over 120 countries. The company name has become a symbol of quality in the music industry, and a supplier of instruments to many retailers and even other manufacturers, who depend on us for reliable, high quality instruments!

While many pianos are now made in facilities foreign to their headquarters, This company has for our entire history controlled every step of the manufacturing process, from the selection of woods, to the crafting of actions, soundboards, wet sand-cast plates, and every other integral part of the piano. This control ensures a consistently high quality piano true to the exact scale-design.


While others often use less costly woods “select hardwoods” in their “consumer grade” pianos, This company uses only the best woods for each application in every piano we make.

Our Grand Piano rims are made from Beech, a dense hardwood that allows for our lower tension scale design. Lower tension scale design results in a warmer, richer tone with longer sustain, and is used in the world’s finest pianos. Our bridges and pin-blocks are crafted from Beech, and our tapered soundboards are created from close grained, high quality northern Spruce (100%). The use of high quality woods is critical when making high quality musical instruments.

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