Ritmuller GH160 – SOLD


This Ritmüller GH160 Piano Has Been Reconditioned, Serviced, Cleaned, and Tuned.

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Brand: Ritmuller

Model: GH160

Finish: Polished Ebony

Serial#: 1844547

From Gottingen, Germany, the Ritmuller GH160 is a 5’3” grand.


It’s hard to imagine just a few years ago a piano that can stand up to the most discriminating pianist for it’s musicality tone and action and yet at the same time be priced slightly above the average entry level pianos from China and Indonesia. But, the Ritmuller line of grand and upright pianos is that piano line. At half the price of the comparable Japanese branded pianos, Ritmuller can stand shoulder to shoulder in quality with the best of Yamaha and Kawai and possesing a sweeter more longer lasting European tone. Made and sold drectly by the same factory making the Essex Piano for Steinway. Yet the Ritmuller is rated higher in the “pianobuyer.com” while costing less without Steinway’s additional mark up over the factory’s costs.*


What makes the Ritmuller so good are their incredible designs by one of Europe’s highest regarded piano designers, Lother Thoma. Mr. Thoma is world renowned for his designs and has been responsible for or has been part of the team on most of the highest rated and most expensive pianos from Europe. Never before in the history of pianos has the designer of so many of the most expensive exclusive piano brands designed something affordable. In the past people who purchased a piano at the Ritmuller price point had to settle for an instrument of inferior musicality that might have a famous name on the front but not sound anything like the piano that make that famous name famous. Take for example the Yamaha GB1 and the Kawai GL-10. Both pianos come from famous manufacturers known for making high quality products. Unfortunately so many corners have been cut on these instruments they’re extremely lacking in musicality. Thud like dead sounding bass sections. Upper ranges with hardly any sustain and sustaining tones which usually die out in a few seconds. These qualities are less present in Yamaha and Kawai’s more expensive instruments although they still have some of these same issues we’ve spoken about although to a lesser extent.

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