Samick Console



Here we have a reconditioned Samick Console Piano

Make: Samick
Model: Console
Finish: Walnut
Statues: Used/Reconditioned


One of the world’s biggest and most important manufacturers of pianos and guitars.  Since 1958, the company’s goal has been to achieve perfection. Through this process, the company name has earned its worldwide reputation for being the industry benchmark through its impeccable craftsmanship, quality, and precision.

Established in 1958 with the founding spirit and knowledge that nurturing the instrument industry in Korea will benefit the nation, SAMICK MUSICAL Instruments Co., Ltd has considerably expanded and has become one of the world’s-largest piano manufacturers and exporters worldwide.
The company has also been able to take a major position as one of the finest producers of various musical instruments.

In the past half century, this brand found the way to become a genuine global company, in collaboration with 200 partners in 80 countries worldwide.

Implementation of advanced technologies into piano production along with added production bases and drastic overseas marketing strategies, the company confirms its global position as one of the great piano manufacturers.  The company will continue to produce the best masterpieces in the world… customer-oriented and putting all its efforts on endless research and development regarding quality, innovation, and design.


Samick Musical Instruments was founded in 1958 as Korea’s first musical instrument company.
It has been a leading company in development for the musical instrument industry for the last half of the century.

It has not only achieved the accomplishment of 1st place in exporting domestic musical instruments, but also ranks 4th in recognition of musical instruments globally.

Such a great introduction piano for someone learning how to play.

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