Schulze Pollmann 117E



Here we have a reconditioned Schulze Pollmann 117E Upright Piano

Make: Schulze Pollmann
Model: 117E
Finish: (PM) Polished Mahogany
Status: Used/Reconditioned

Schulze Pollmann Pianos

Schulze-Pollmann endeavours to build the best pianos in the world. Being based in San Marino allows Schulze-Pollmann to take advantage of the best piano builders, the best engineers, and the best artisans to create a truly remarkable instrument that is uncompromising in its style, tonal dynamism and clarity, and overall beauty. Schulze-Pollmann has successfully managed to add original elements of Italian taste and design with German technical knowhow, producing a remarkable blend of tradition, technology and elegance.

Schulze-Pollmann are hand built using only the finest of components such as the Cierca soundboards (the same material Stradavari used in his violins), Stuttgart Renner action and hammers, and built by master craftsmen and are hand-finished by local artisans.

Piano building in the Italian and German traditions produces extraordinary acoustic results, an exceptionally rich and mellow sound and remarkable sound dynamics giving an ample range of volume and expression. Schulze-Pollmann pianos are available in unique finishes that will inspire any designer and impress any guest. The piano cases are hand crafted by Italian artisans using traditional tools and materials to create truly modern expressions.

Schulze-Pollmann have a limited production and often have long lines of performers and stores clambering to have more of their pianos because of their beautiful sounds, unique finishes, and surprising value.

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