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This Sojin PG1 Piano Has Been Reconditioned, Serviced, Cleaned, and Tuned.

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Brand: Sojin

Model: PG1

Finish: White

Serial#: G027905

From Yeoju South Korea, the Sojin PG1 is a grand built in 1961.


Here is a great piano, The Korean made Sojin grand model PG1 piano in a white case.
The Sojin piano is a good example of intermediate level pianos made in Korea, offering a more rounded tone and better action than some similarly sized piano made in China. From Yeoju South Korea, the Sojin PG1 is an instrument made in 1961.

Some highlights of this piano include it’s modern gloss white case, a full size 88 key keyboard and a practice pedal for quieter playing which is great for night time playing or for repetitive practice.
The Sojin is a great all rounder and a good choice for new players looking to improve their skills, and a rather inexpensive choice for a piano with these features.


Sojin pianos are a leading choice for students, home enthusiasts & professional musicians. There are 3 major Korean piano producers are Young Chan, Samick and until recently, Sojin/Daewoo. These three conglomerates produce or have produced, besides pianos with their own names on them, instruments with recognizable American brand names such as Weber, Knabe, Wurlitzer, Kohler and Campbell, Schafer & Sons, Sherman Clay, or PianoDisc, and also with a wide assortment of “stencil” or “trade” names such as Hyundai, Schumann, Stegler, Cline, Daytron, Royale, Wagner, Bernhard Steiner, Otto Altenburg, Horugel, Maeri, and a host of others. Since all 3 of these Korean piano makers have made themselves available to build pianos to order, and will put virtually any name desired on the piano, a number of respected U.S. piano companies are currently using them to build their 2nd or 3rd line pianos.

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