Suzuki SZV48



Here we have a reconditioned Suzuki SZV48 Upright Digital Piano

Make: Suzuki
Model: SZV48
Finish: (PE) Polished Ebony
Status: Used/Reconditioned


The most complicated part of any piano is the action, and ours is no exception. Composed of thousands of parts, all must be of the highest quality and precision of grand piano technology. The Renner type action utilizes a smooth hardwood mechanism with imported felt bushings and Abel hammerheads featuring 100% virgin wool felt coverings.

German Rauslau Strings: Their physical characteristics are paramount to the rich full resonant voice so important in our pianos. Using only the finest German steel as a base, each string is hand wound with solid copper. This insures the high standard of tone quality expected from a Suzuki piano.

Solid Spruce Soundboard: Vital to the sound quality of the piano, our soundboards are quarter sawn and shaped to exacting, design calculations. The bridges are crafted from kiln dried select hardwoods. The solid Spruce contoured ribs are precisely engineered and strategically placed to insure that the all important soundboard crown remains stable for the long life of the piano.

Dilignit Type Pinblocks: The 17 ply, cross grained, pressure laminated, pinblocks are designed to offer tuning stability for generations of musicians and reduce maintenance over time.

Cast Iron Frame: We have engineered a fine grain cast iron frame to perfectly maintain the proper position of all the precision components within the piano. This guarantees a Suzuki piano will remain beautiful to play and listen to over its long life.

European Style Cabinetry: Suzuki’s cabinet styling offers a timeless elegance. Built from matched grain select hardwoods and painstakingly assembled, each piano is finished in hand rubbed quality with close attention to detail by master craftsmen, evoking an aire of stately elegance, quality and value.

All this culminates in an exquisite piano with a rich resonant sound, full with deep textured bass, clear & free middle register and a brilliant treble that will thrill music lovers for generations to come.

All Suzuki pianos are finished to exacting specifications. The careful selection of the exquisite wood grains and meticulous finishing of them is performed by our team of master craftsmen, each of them bringing their particular expertise to each of the finishing processes that every piano must pass through. The fit and finish of every Suzuki piano requires constant quality control inspections. The incredible multi-layer hand rubbed finishes are the crowning completion of a legendary instrument.  (Suzuki SZV48) as advertised.

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