Weinbach 155



Here we have a reconditioned Weinbach 155 Grand Piano

Make: Weinbach
Model: 155
Finish: (PE) Polished Ebony
Status: Used/Reconditioned


The Weinbach piano company was established in 1884 in Czechoslovakia, and is now owned and manufactured by the Petrof Piano Company of the Czech Republic. Weinbach pianos are a fascinating instrument in that they are a fusion of the best elements of the Petrof and Nordiska pianos. Weinbach pianos utilize the exceptional actions and other key components of the Petrof company in the Czech Republic, while taking advantage of the low assembly costs of the Nordiska factory in northern China. Weinbach is a truly international piano, incorporating case parts from China, actions from the Czech Republic, hammers from Germany, and bass strings from the U.S., all working together to produce a remarkable instrument for a reasonable price.

Born from an international collaboration of historic proportions, the Weinbach piano line is a revolution in the piano industry. Through utilizing the combined strengths of the Petrof and the Nordiska piano companies, the Weinbach piano represents an industry first in international design and craftsmanship.

The dynamic power and performance of Weinbach pianos are provided through the combination of components such as Petrof Original Actions, Petrof keys and key sets, Roslau treble wire, Mapes bass strings, and Abel hammers. The Weinbach piano line also incorporates unique design features such as focused beam structuring and an integrated nose flange which assist in the tonal projection of the instrument.

The Weinbach piano line has redefined the parameters of international collaboration by gathering quality components from around the globe and joining them in an instrument that represents an exceptional value in both style and performance.

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