Young Chang U-121



Here we have a reconditioned Young Chang U-121 Upright Piano

Make: Young Chang
Model: U-121
Finish: (PM) Polished Mahogany
Status: Used/Reconditioned


The challenge of constructing great pianos requires a relentless pursuit of excellence fueled by a passion for the instrument. The piano is a simple instrument constructed from basic materials and the comparison from one piano to another easily captures the critical eyes and ears of the world where flaws cannot be hidden, and true brilliance Stands apart. Thus, to compete and transform wood and iron Into an uncompromising musical instrument, one needs resiliency, innovation, and dedication.

In 1956 a prominent Korean family with many years of experience In the piano industry embraced this challenge. Young Chang rapidly grew into a manufacturer of instruments that provided to the public a special covenant: the provision of high quality pianos at prices that make them accessible to many. Quality and efficient manufacturing have always been the guiding concepts of Young Chang; however, Young Chang goes further, asking each member of the manufacturing process to consider him or herself as an artist. Such is the attitude at Young Chang as the skilled and dedicated employees recognize that they create musical works of art.

South Korea boasts a rich artistic and cultural heritage, and our employees are proud and talented descendants of that tradition, the sons and daughters of ancient Korean artisans. Our confidence is rooted In our products. We have always aspired to produce the finest quality pianos- our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest precision equipment as we lead the world in the advancement of piano building technology. Our designers and engineers have created a highly sophisticated manufacturing environment that enables us to produce a superior instrument. Such, then, Is Young Chang: the combination of passion, artistry, and innovation. Yet, Young Chang never rests on improvement and innovation. For over 50 years, Young Chang has evolved into one of the leaders of the piano world, winning critical praise and manufacturing awards for quality. For this we are indebted to our several thousand skilled and – dedicated employees around the world.

With our sights set high, we make it our business to produce only the finest musical instruments. Thousands of devotees of piano music, artists and admirers alike, echo that sentiment in having chosen a fine Young Chang instrument for themselves. We invite you too to experience the results of this heritage of artistry and craftsmanship that is Young Chang. (Young Chang U-121) as advertised.

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