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This week Hollywood Piano is happy to introduce you to our very special guest, Massimo Salotti!


Massimo Salotti, ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Massimo Salotti, Hollywood Piano


Massimo Salotti is a classical pianist and composer from Italy.


  • He obtained his Master in Music very young at the Istituto Musicale “L. Boccherini”, in Lucca, under the guidance of M°. Riccardo Pieri. He then specialized with M° G. Sacchetti, M° P. Rigacci and M° Pier Narciso Masi.

  • In 1997 Massimo Salotti had already won many first prizes in solo competitions and started his artistic career.

  • He performed for important concert associations such as: the Fondazione Walton, the Associazione Musicale Lucchese, the Festival da Bach a Bartok, the Amici della Musica, the Goethe Institut and the Festival delle Nazioni. He also performed for important theatres like the Comunale of Bologna, the Sala Sinopoli of Rome, the Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, the Teatro Regio di Torino, the Teatro dei Rozzi of Siena and the Teatro Regio of Parma.

Massimo Salotti, ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Massimo Salotti, Hollywood Piano

  • In 1998 Massimo Salotti founded the Alban Berg Duo, a chamber ensemble that won many international first prizes, and the prestigious Master in Chamber Music at the Accademia di Alto Perfezionamento of Imola.

  • In 1999 Massimo Salotti had important collaborations with theatres that highlight his abilities as a vocal coach and opera répétiteur, making him work with great artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Katia Ricciarelli, Roberto Servile, Herbert Hands, Maria Billeri, Gabriele Viviani, Massimo Cavalletti, Isa Danieli and Mariano Riva. He was also the person in charge of the UNESCO C.I.D.M. projects in 2006 and 2011.

Massimo Salotti, ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Massimo Salotti, Hollywood Piano

  • In 2013 Massimo Salotti was invited by the Italian Embassy to hold a Master class on Italian Opera at the prestigious Teatro Sao Pedro of Sao Paolo.

Massimo Salotti, ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Massimo Salotti, Hollywood Piano

  • In 2014 Salotti had a leading role in the construction installation of “XXIV Waves for Piano Solo” dedicated to the American artist David Lynch at the Xth Festival Internazionale on cinema “Lucca Film Festival”. David Lynch himself attended the event and was particularly impressed and enthusiastic about it.

  • Massimo Salotti is the Director of the Scuola di Musica Sinfonia and Accademia Pianistica in Lucca (Italy).

  • Massimo Salotti is the president and the artistic director of, a showcase for artists, and also for whoever desires to spread the Italian culture. “Italian artists” offers a showcase for those who look forward with courage, no matter what, without forgetting the unique Italian historical background. “Italian artists” offers to Associations and Institutions a selection of “made in Italy” Concerts, Conferences, Art Exhibitions and Multimedia Events. “Italian artists” believes in an idea of culture made of music, literature, cinema and performing arts. Have a look at the events… that will export Italy outside of Italy.

For more information, you can visit his website at

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