Tuning Your Baby Grand Piano

Posted on: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016  In: Blog

Regularly tuning your baby grand piano is one of the most important things you can to ensure your instrument’s long life and lasting quality sound. Piano tuning involves adjusting the tensions of the strings to attain the right pitch, and this is usually best done by a professional who has been trained and certified. There are several factors that can occur in which a tuning will be necessary; however, it is vital to your piano’s long life that you regularly tune the instrument, even if you never encounter any of these instances your piano should be tuned at least once per year.

Temperature changes, a drop or rise in the humidity level, and other weather-related factors can all affect the pitch and tone of your baby grand piano. With this in mind, you should avoid placing your piano in an area where it is more likely to experience these changes, such as near windows, doors, air vents, and fireplaces. However, even if your piano is situated away from these places, you will probably still notice that weather factors will have an influence over the pitch and overall sound of the instrument, and tunings will be necessary, particularly as the seasons change.

How often you play your baby grand piano will also have an effect on your tuning schedule. Generally speaking, those who play more often and more loudly will need more tunings than those who play infrequently. Each time you play your piano, it will affect the tuning. A good rule of thumb for piano tuning is to have it done once to twice per year, and this usually falls about the time of dramatic weather changes. However, don’t pin your tuning schedule on the season changes; get your tuning done when your piano needs it, and this depends primarily on you and how you play your piano.

Finally, play your baby grand piano often so you can really break in the feel of the instrument. Every piano has a unique sound so it’s a good idea to play often and “get to know” your piano so you’ll recognize when it needs a tuning. Remember, regular piano tuning done by a professional is the key to maintaining your investment and the sound of your instrument.

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