What Does Being The Best Piano Store in Los Angeles Mean For The Piano Buyer?

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What does being the best piano store in Los Angeles really mean?  How can anyone quantify what it means to be regarded as the best? Who determines the best?  What are the elements of being the best? In the case of Hollywood Piano we believe the answer to the question has many elements.  The policies that a company puts forward is one element.  For example the best company will do their utmost to give the clients comfort in their decision of their piano choice. What is the ultimate policy you can give piano shoppers for an extra degree of comfort.  How about a 30 day satisfaction guarantee?  Hollywood Piano’s 30 day satisfaction guaranty means for any reason at all, no questions asked you can change your piano for anything else we sell.  The color’s not right?  No problem.  The piano’s too big? Pick a smaller one.  The piano’s too small?  Pick a bigger one? The one you want to change to costs less?  No problem we’ll refund you back the difference.  The piano you want to change to is more expensive? It’s ok, just pay us the difference. You purchased a digital piano but realized you want an acoustic piano? No issue at all, just come and pick the one you  like.  We are the only piano company in the Southern California with the best customer oriented satisfaction policy.

What about the price of the piano?  How do I know the price I’m paying is the best price I can purchase it for after I purchase it? What if I find the same piano for less a month later? Six months later? Ten months later? No problem Hollywood Piano is the only Los Angeles area piano company that has a one year low price guarantee.  We hire a shopping service to keep tabs on piano pricing nationwide which keeps us up to date on the lowest piano pricing in the country.  We price out pianos accordingly.  But if a customer should find the same piano in stock from an authorized dealer for less we will refund not just the difference but 133% of the difference.  The best piano company in the LA guarantees the best price not for a month or 90 days or 6 months but 1 year from the date of purchase.

A piano is a big investment wouldn’t the best piano company in the Los Angeles area offer the best and longest warranty for your new or used  piano? Pianos generally have long warranties.  Depending on the brand it could go from 5 to 10 years.  What if you could get an extended warranty on your new piano for no additional charge?  What if that warranty was transferable if you ever decide to sell your piano? 99% of new manufacturer piano warranties are not transferable but Hollywood Piano’s best in Los Angeles Value Added Extended Warranty is.  This could be worth up to $3,000 if you had to pay for it.  Plus imagine enjoying your piano for 10 years and then being able to sell it with a 10 years parts and labor warranty. How about a warranty on a pre-owned piano. Imagine buying a preowned piano with the same kind of warranty protections you would have on a new piano. What about receiving a used piano warranty plus have the ability to transfer that warranty if you should ever sell your piano.  Wouldn’t it makes sense that the best piano company in California would have the best warranties and guarantees

The best piano store in Los Angeles County would be an outstanding citizen of the county that gives back to the community by supporting schools, charitable organizations performing arts organizations Hollywood Piano sponsors pianos for numerous charitable events thought Southern California. Being the best piano company means caring that arts organizations have the support they need to continues to provide music for our communities.  Hollywood Piano is the official piano provider to the Pasadena Symphony, Pasadena Pops, The California Philharmonic, The Burbank Philharmonic and the Skirbal Center to name only a few.

Being the best piano store doesn’t mean you just say you’re the best. Or claim everyone knows we are the best. To really be the best your have to be recognized by others as the best.  You have to win the recognition and admiration of your peers and the consumer groups. Hollywood Piano as the best Piano Company in Los Angeles County is the only piano company in the county with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. If you’re the best wouldn’t you be recognized by your pears as the best?  Hollywood Pianos is the only company in the world to receive the NAMM (Natiuonal Association Of Music Merchants) “Top 100 Music Dealer in the World” not once or twice, but 4 times including recently in 2018. The award, dubbed the “retail Oscars” by Music Inc. magazine, honors retailers who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their stores, neighborhoods and customers, and share in a vision to create a more musical world through their local communities. No other piano company in Los Angles county has ever received this prestigious honor even once, but being the best piano store Hollywood Piano has received this honor four times.

What about longevity?  Hollywood Piano is one of the oldest continuously operating piano stores in  the country and the oldest in California and the greater Los Angeles area. Having been founded in 1928 in Hollywood and still thriving and growing today. Wouldn’t you agree to be the best piano company you must stand the test of time with repeat customers who come back for years to tens of decades?

Wouldn’t the best price, the best warranty, the best community involvement the best longevity,  and the best third party recognition make you the best?  We believe those are some of the pillars of really being the best. We could go on and on with more reasons for being the best and will do so in a future post.  For now we invite you to visit the best piano store, Hollywood Piano proudly the best in Los Angeles. 

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