Why Should You Learn Piano?

Posted on: Saturday, February 15th, 2020  In: Blog

p, Why Should You Learn Piano?, Hollywood Piano

Art is medicative. For as long as we can remember, humanity has used music as a tool for the expression of our emotive sides. It also has the great power of tapping into a listener’s feelings to ease anxiety. Of course this doesn’t seem too far-fetched but very few people are aware of the literal scientific proof that learning to play musical instruments, specifically piano, has the following benefits on both one’s mental and physical health.


  • Stress Relief

Playing the piano requires concentration and full engagement of the brain. This means that when playing it, one has to entirely focus on the music, which keeps off other disturbing thoughts leading to a reduction in cortisol hormones. The piano is known for reducing anxiety and depression, and this is why it is a form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder.

p, Why Should You Learn Piano?, Hollywood Piano


  • Increases Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone, somatotropin plays crucial functions in cell reproduction and regeneration. It helps in boosting energy levels and improving cognitive function. The growth hormone is also linked to a reduction in aches and pains in older adults.  Playing the piano causes an increase in the levels of human growth hormone, which leads to increased energy levels.

p, Why Should You Learn Piano?, Hollywood Piano


  • Stimulates the Brain

Neurons play a significant role in the transmission and processing of information in the brain. Playing piano adds new neural connections, which enhances the functioning of the brain.

p, Why Should You Learn Piano?, Hollywood Piano

  • Improves Physical Health 

Playing piano strengthens hand-eye coordination and intensifies motor abilities. It also reduces blood pressure, cardiac complications, respiratory rates, and increases immune response. Playing the piano also strengthens the arm and hand muscles.

p, Why Should You Learn Piano?, Hollywood Piano

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